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  1. Sailing March 28th

    With the last day of sailing upon us it was anticipated that we would have a reasonable sized fleet hitting the water. The trailables lined up with seven boats, welcoming Matt Harper with his new boat Wave Dancer, a Sonata 6. Matt’s two sons were keenly anticipating getting out onto the water for the first time. There was smiles all round when the boat came off the trailer, floated and even the centre board wound down.
    The Derrinallum mosquito’s and the single A Class had the fleet number at 11.
    With light winds predicted to shift later in the day the first race was started with a couple of the trailables making a dash towards the start line. The crew of Toucan swear they had plenty of petrol but the motor died and they were reliant on Casino Royale to get them out through the channel.
    Mikela with a stand in skipper sailed very well in the first race as did Screaming Blue Murder, Try-Hard and Wave Dancer.
    The boys on Casino Royale led home the old warriors on This Way Up followed by Toucan, Mikela, Screaming Blue Murder, try-Hard, Wave Dancer and Boho.
    The cats were well led home by Dave McKenzie on Village idiot.
    With an increase and shifting breeze there was a slight delay in starting the second race. Wave Dancer and Boho both hit the start line on the gun and were away, beating to the top mark.
    In the mean time Try- Hard had gone exploring and were beached. There is no truth in the rumour that Phil wanted to stretch his legs.
    The top mark saw Casino Royale out in front of This way Up and Screaming Blue Murder. Next around the mark was Wave Dancer followed closely by Boho. Mikela was next with Toucan trailing up the rear.
    The spinnaker run soon had Boho past Wave Dancer once the wineglass was removed. Toucan was making up ground rapidly with the blonde bombshell on the tiller, and Mikela and Boho went neck and neck to the bottom mark.
    The gybe mark saw Mikela and Toucan running to the line under spinnaker with Toucan just pipping them. It was great racing.
    Village idiot again was the first cat to finish with the blue speedster Casino Royale taking out line honours in the trailables.
    Following the days racing it was good to catch up with everyone over a drink and a bite to eat. Thanks to those who supplied food to share and a special thanks to the managers of the caravan park to allow us to use their facilities. Most appreciative.
    Easter regatta is at Lake Bullen Merri.
    Presentation is April 17th. If you have not booked please do so, we require numbers for catering.

    1. Thanks very much to the Colac Yacht Club for having us, very much appreciated. I apologize for not being able to stay longer after racing….seems I wore out my crew. As stated above the Easter Regatta this year is at Lake Bullen Merri and there is already a few trailer sailers as definate starters, so would be great to see you there if you’re able. Cheers Matt (Commodore DYPBC)

  2. Sailing 21st March.

    With visitors from St Leonards in the A Class division we saw a total of 5 “A’s” and Taipan on the water with two Mossie Cats from Derrinallum. The trailable division was down to five with Toucan doing OD duties and Mikela unable to get to the start line due to crew not turning up.
    With winds expected from the ESE the Port course was set up under the veranda of the Edge cafe. I am sure the patrons had a great view of the start line, even if they were not sure what was happening out on the water.
    All boats in each fleet had a great first race, with a great tussle amongst the “A’s”. The trailables were led home by Casino Royale, proving the repairs carried out after their venture to Apollo Bay were successful. A vast improver in the trailables was Tri-Hard.
    The second race went much similar, except Tri-Hard showed great speed and made great ground to catch and pass Screaming Blue Murder. Well sailed Phil & Leah!
    Don’t forget the last sailing day on the program is the 28th. There will be nibbles and drinks can be purchased at the caravan park.
    For those off the beach yachts who will be launching elsewhere at the lake, please de-rig quickly and come and join everyone.
    See you there!

  3. Sailing 28/02/2015
    Weather forecast for today indicated we could be in for storms and strong winds later in the day, and the sky certainly had that effect with menacing storm clouds overhead.
    With a depleted trailer sailor fleet consisting of This way Up, Casino Royale and Boho Two, and no A class division due to “Demon” Parker tying the knot it looked to be a small fleet taking to the water. This soon changed when it was noticed across the bay that there were a number of sails setting up. There were four Mosquito cats and a Taipan from Derrinallum about to hit the water, and with Martin setting up under the shadows of Purrumbete Homestead we had a fleet of nine.
    The first course was to Port , the officer’s of the day Cookie and Paul once anchored up got the fleet away in light winds. Boho was first away followed by the Cats and the other two trailables.
    Martin on his Taipan soon skipped away from the other cats and opened up a good winning margin. The light winds had Casino Royale in front of This way Up and Boho. The guys on the blue boat headed back out to the middle of the lake looking for breeze to get to the wing mark, only to find when they came back to the buoy Laney was ahead of them and rounded and headed for home. Boho was making up ground under spinnaker until a slight wind shift back filled the kite, and sending them back towards where they had come from .
    The Mosquito’s were having a close race, the Derrinallum crews enjoying having water to sail on.
    The second race was held up for a slight course change, the wind had now moved to a WNW exactly the direction and time that Weatherzone predicted. Now with a starboard course and the breeze building(and more storm clouds rolling in) everyone got away to a good start. The extra wind certainly had Casino Royale up and flying and they had a comfortable lead at the first mark. Martin was again showing a clean hull to the rest of the cat fleet, however this time round it was much closer.
    The trailables finished in the expected order, however Boho’s skipper was happier with the times and wasn’t a long way from This Way Up.
    It was a great days sailing and fantastic to have the guys from Derrinallum join us. Hopefully on the 21st we will have a full compliment of Trailables and A Class with our visitors .
    For anyone interested take a look at the facebook page for “Lake Edge Cafe” You will see some diners enjoying the view of us yachties. And while you are on facebook, don’t forget to like our page and invite your friends also, it is another way to keep you up to date in what is happening on and off the water.

  4. This weeks sailing unveiled the latest yacht to the club Casino Royale. Owned and skippered by Adam Chambers it was good to see some younger members in Andrew , Heath and Brad crewing for him. As previously stated this sports boat not only looks fast but now can testify that it sails fast. With winds ranging from 12-18 knots the Cat boys were setting up under the shadows of Purrumbete Homestead, however with the southerly blowing straight at them they decided to stay on-shore and watch the proceedings.
    Saturday also saw the return of Toucan, their first outing since going over. Unfortunately due to work commitments ( so I am told ) they were unable to make the start line in time for the first race. Tri-hard was also a non starter, having some issues with the mast. Phil used this time to sort out some concerns.
    The trailable fleet of Mikela, Screaming Blue Murder, Boho Two and Casino Royale.
    The committee boat was having troubles holding ground as the first race got under way. Boho was the first one away with the others on the six minute gun. At one stage it was thought Cookie was picking up passengers from the homestead, however with impeccable sailing skills he was able to put in some distance from the shore.
    At the top mark Screaming Blue Murder led Mikela ( with stand in skipper Mick Wright at the helm ) followed by Boho. This was the order at the finish line. The boys on Casino had some issues to sort out but they showed what the boat can do. They certainly hummed along with two on trapeze. Just a pity they did not complete the course.
    With winds staying strong Toucan joined the fleet for the second. Whilst Boho was sorting out some issues the committee boat started the second race .( Dash was keen to get back to the bar ) Again it was a good beat to the top mark, and we all got to see Casino in full flight. She raced to the top mark followed by Screaming Blue Murder, Toucan, Mikela and Boho. Positions did not change for the rest of the race, however Stinchy on Casino managed to take a swim and the boys also collected the buoy on the finish line.
    It was a great days sailing, hopefully next time we will have a couple more trailables and the Cats on the water.
    See you on the 14th and not the 7th.

  5. Saturday 13th promised good weather and winds of 20klms from NW. With an expected fleet of nine yachts ( 5 trailables, 3 A Class and a Sharpie ) a good afternoon on the water was expected. The locals from the camping ground could also sense some excitement, they were all sitting in the shade taking in lots of fluids. I think they were all there to see Toucan back on the lake.
    With a delay on the start time ( instrumented by the Commodore) to allow the Cats and Toucan to get to the line, it was soon evident that Toucan would be a no starter. Problems with the keel again meant returning to the ramp. At least this time they were able to get there under their own steam.
    Boho got away on the first start followed quickly by Herb, Macka and Park’s on the cats.
    The trailables ,This Way Up, Screaming Blue Murder and Mikela started with the Sharpie. It wasn’t long and the boys on the Sharpie had a nice swim. It certainly was the weather for it, but this swim wasn’t planned.
    The boys in yellow and black were first over the line, followed closely by Screaming Blue Murder, Boho Two and Mikela. The Sharpie was way out in front, Grant and Adam only had to beat themselves.
    The cats in their windward return course put on a wonderful display of close sailing, hope the spectators on the beach were as entertained as those of us on the water.
    The second race for the trailables gave the same result as the first, however Mikela made up a lot of ground on the second leg. Good winds under spinnaker on the homeward leg kept Boho closer to Screaming Blue Murder, with Captian Cook sure to have a sore neck from looking over his shoulder.
    It was another great day on the water with the locals adamant that Toucan must have won as it was the first boat back to the ramp.
    A nice evening back at the club rooms, members were able to enjoy each others company for the start of the Christmas break.
    Next pennant race is on January 17th.
    Wishing everyone a wonderful, joyous Christmas and New Year and please be safe on the roads.

  6. Saturday’s forecast were for the odd showers and winds from SE.
    A smaller fleet of trailables were on hand this week with Toucan and Tri Hard not available. Toucan are still getting repairs and maintenance carried out from two weeks ago, hopefully this coming week will see them on the water. The cats had a good role up this week with Graeme & Chris Parker and Dave Mac. Martin had rigged but on seeing how the guys had to negotiate out to deep water decided against it.
    With a nice breeze of 10-12 knots , the start line was below Purrumbete Homestead. It was certainly a nice view from the water, and hopefully anyone home at the mansion would also have enjoyed looking out to see yachts on their doorstep.
    The first race was an interesting start with the Cats joining Boho Two off the mark and they were covering some ground until they realised they still had another three minutes for their start and returned back to the duty boat.
    With a good steady breeze Boho led This Way Up and Screaming Blue Murder to the top mark and then it was pretty even to the wing mark, although the buoy had dragged considerably. The finish line saw This way Up, Screaming Blue Murder and Boho. There was only a couple of minutes difference in the times. The cats were so quick over the course they could have done three laps.
    The course was quite long, due to the fact of trying to set the buoys in shallow water…. in about 25 mtrs.
    The second race was very similar to the first,however Boho did have two attempts at starting but still got away under speed. With the wind swinging more easterly everyone had good boat speed. Boho was able to beat the other two trailables around the top mark, however This way Up soon took control and passed. They were having a weed problem, no not smoking it but having it wrapped around their tiller blade. Again the trailables were a close finish with only a couple of minutes between the three boats.
    The cats again tore up the course with speed, all enjoying sailing with a true breeze.
    Next week is the last pennant for the year and will finish with a BBQ at the club house. Whisper is there maybe a couple of sharpies on the water. Hopefully Santa will also make a visit to the club rooms.

  7. Yesterdays racing looked likely to be a great day on the water, with light easterly winds forecast. With two A class cats joining the fleet of small trailables (Toucan was an omission due to the previous week ) it was an ideal day. With a good course set by duty officer Martin there were going to be three starts.
    Boho Two and Tri Hard were the first two way, and it was a good start except Tri Hard picked up a fishing buoy just before the start line. This put some distance between the pair however Tri Hard had the last laugh as it beat Boho to the top mark. Dave and Graeme got away well in the cats and This Way Up and Screaming Blue Murder soon followed up the course.
    The breeze was dropping off even more where the trailables had difficulty filling their kites and the cats were not making much better progress. On the last leg it got to much for Screaming Blue Murder who dropped sails and motored home. It was a good call as Boho soon followed suit.
    This Way Up finished the race ahead of the new Tri Hard. It was pleasing to sea Phil and Grant sail so well in the trying conditions. I am sure the Tri will “fly” in more winds.
    The A class boys crawled to the line, my info was that Macka just beat Parks home. Hopefully there will be more wind next week.
    Reports from those who did not venture onto the water (Jayne & Leah ) they truly enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere at the park with the variety of bird life.
    It was also pleasing to see members support the shop in purchasing drinks and ice creams,
    See you on the water next week.

  8. Saturday saw the first attempt to sail on Lake Purrumbete. With warm temperatures and forecast northerly those boats that turned out were eagerly looking to get onto the water. With the A Class boys heading to Cairn Curran for a regatta and Martin deciding to assist on the rescue boat it was left to the trailables in Screaming Blue Murder, Toucan, Boho two and the new Tri Hard.
    With a good course set and with winds of approx 15-20 knots it was great to be on the water for the first time in six weeks.
    And great to be sailing in true winds.
    Unfortunately that is where the fun side finished with Toucan and crew going down due to a malfunction of the center board.
    With the assistance of a local fishing boat, Geoff & Martin on rescue one they were able to get Toucan back to the ramp. Local campers were all very keen to offer their assistance and comments as to how to re- float Toucan.
    With Toucan safely back on the trailer, and water bailed out it was time to assess the losses. It is hoped they will be on the water next week.
    I believe this lake is still our only option in completing the season and look forward to next week.,

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