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  1. Sailing 06/04/2019

    Sailing this Saturday saw the completion of the pennant season. The cooler weather a sign that Winter is not far away , a time for old and young salties to rug up and go into hibernation.
    Liquid Limo had the honours to officiate on the start boat with five RL’s, the Sunmaid and two monohulls greeting them. The start line was on the eastern shore incorporating marker “C”. With a port course and the top mark being at the channel entrance there was a nice breeze of around 8-10 knots coming out of the South West.
    The hooter had all boats away nicely with This Way Up again proving the start masters as they ran down the line. Lightning Jack was living up to her name as she had a great start also and was hot on the heels of This Way Up. Pipe Dream was cutting through the water, seaming to have better boat speed from last week. This may have been from the result of losing some weight from down below and with a clean scrubbed hull.
    Shuttle Bus and Live Wire were in close proximity whilst Blue Sky Mine and Toucan were heading out onto the starboard side of the course. Boho was having some issues with the top batten on the main and was struggling to get boat speed.
    Pipe Dream was first to the top mark, rounding ahead of Lightning Jack. Alister was sailing extremely well and would have been pleased to have rounded ahead of his mentor Ian lane.
    Blue Sky Mine picked up a good shift and rounded next ahead of Shuttle Bus, Toucan and Live Wire. Boho was struggling out the back and was last around.
    Pipe Dream under kite was pulling away from the rest of the field and was not headed taking out line honours. This Way Up was in hot pursuit but it took until the wing mark to catch Alister on Lightning Jack. Shuttle Bus had moved up to be next with Blue Sky Mine from Toucan and Live Wire. Boho rounded up the fleet but not running the kite cost them time.
    The second race start was much the same as the first although Pipe Dream swung around the pin end and started on a starboard tack. There was some congestion down near the committee boat with Toucan having to be called up, but the fleet got away reasonably well.
    This race saw two main changes from the first with Lightning Jack going from chocolates to boiled lollies and Blue Sky Mine vice versa. Pipe Dream again was showing more speed and being a drop keel should have been sailing to her ratings.
    The top mark had Pipe Dream round first but the battle was with Blue Sky Mine and This Way Up. Bec and Andrew rounded ahead of the seasoned warriors on This way Up and they had a great duel under kite heading to the wing mark. There is a great video of this on the facebook page, make sure you take a look. Jack was around next from Mick with Pam and crew on toucan to follow. Heath on the laser was next followed by the Sunmaid.
    Pipe Dream skipped away from the rest of the fleet, showing a clean stern. Only concern for Adam was to make sure they stayed upright. At least with Mary Lou on board he knew she was a good swimmer. The run down wind was still a battle with Laney holding a slender lead over the Stinchcombe’s, rounding at the mark only three to four boat lengths in front.
    A slow gybe under kite at the wing mark cost Lightning Jack some territory with Toucan desperate to make up some leeway. Shuttle Bus was going well, having a good lead over Live Wire while the stronger breeze was giving Boho a little more speed.
    The run home had nearly all the fleet head over to the west side of the lake as the finish line was now back at the top mark. With the shifts coming through it was hit and miss as to should you tack straight away. Pipe Dream was having an exceptional race leading everyone home. This Way Up was next from Blue Sky Mine, Lightning Jack, Shuttle Bus, Live Wire and Boho.
    Some great sailing again was had by those who ventured out. After packing up all members convened to the Lake Edge Café to enjoy some wonderful food and refreshments.
    A fantastic way to end the day looking down onto the water.
    Reminder to everyone that the presentation night is April 26th at the Colac East Hotel , please advise the club via the facebook page if you will be attending.

  2. Sailing 23/03/2019

    After a few weeks of little breeze today’s forecast was looking promisingly with winds starting out from the North, shifting West Sou-Westerly later in the day. A fleet of six trailable and two monohulls ventured out to the start line at marker “B” on the Eastern shore.
    Although the wind had dropped a little from earlier in the morning, the wind gods decided to kick in a little heavier just on start time. With the shifting winds creating havoc for Andrew and Eric , the course was soon set with the top mark being buoy “A” at the channel entrance. The starters hooter had Pipe Dream , This Way Up and Shuttle Bus heading off from the pin end with Lane and Langdon having a small lead. Lightning Jack was back a little whilst Liquid Limo, Toucan, Boho and Rebound got away beside the duty boat. Rebound had early problems with his tiller and was stalled on the line.
    All boats had good speed heading to the top mark and Liquid Limo after tacking back from the middle found herself in third place. First round the mark was This Way Up closely followed by Pipe Dream, Skuttle Bus, Liquid Limo, Lightning Jack, Toucan and Boho. Rebound was way behind, Steve not able to fix the problem and was heading for home.
    This downwind leg some fast sailing with Mick moving through the fleet. This Way Up and Pipe Dream were within touching distance as they rounded and headed for home with Shuttle Bus close on their sterns. Liquid Limo was around next followed by Lightning jack who was holding a small lead over Toucan. The heavier Sunmaid was next but the stronger winds were pushing her along quite quickly.
    Shuttle Bus gained the upper hand on the two leading Rl’s and crossed the line first followed by Pipe dream who got home in front of This Way Up by seven seconds. The Harper’s crossed next followed by Lightning Jack, Toucan and Boho. Rebound was a DNF.
    The second race start was similar to the first and all boats got away without breaking the line although this way up and pipe dream were playing some games. The sprint to the top mark had pipe Dream rounding ahead of This way Up and Shuttle Bus. Liquid Limo had good distance on Lightning Jack and Toucan. Boho was having a good run to the mark but a wind shift had her knocked down onto the buoy causing a penalty. The three leading trailables all flew the kite while the others either left them in the bag or down below. Pipe Dream opened up a bigger gap on This Way Up at the bottom mark with Mick Wright keeping with them. Liquid Limo was keeping pace and turned next whilst Alister turned just ahead of Pam. Boho having gone her penalty had dropped back further but was enjoying the conditions.
    The run back to the start buoy had Shuttle Bus make up big ground and turn for home in front of Adam with Laney next. Liquid Limo with the lighter crew weight were next, however the battle behind between Lightning jack and Toucan was about to unfold. With the extra crew and weight Pammy was able to sail up past Alister and turn ahead on the mark and skip away from the blue boat.
    The finish had Mick cross again for line honours from Pipe Dream with This Way up and Liquid Limo all very close. Toucan was able to put more distance between themselves and Lightning Jack and Boho.
    It was a challenging day but pleasing to have some wind for a change. The season is fast closing in so make sure you get along this Saturday.
    See you there!

  3. Sailing 16/03/2019

    This week’s program had the introduction of a passage race due to the Kana festival being held in Colac. The aim to showcase the yachts to the diners at the Lake Edge Café.
    With the start and finish to be held inside the bay, the café patrons would have a magnificent view looking down onto the water. Screaming Blue Murder was duty boat and there were six trailable’s and two small monohulls that greeted the start line.
    Wind forecasts were for light conditions and this proved correct as the fleet were well back on the start hooter. This way up and Liquid limo were the first of the RL’s across the line followed closely by Scuttle Bus and Rebound. The Sunmaid Boho was across next followed by Blue Sky Mine, Lightning Jack and Pipe Dream. Adam crossed the line under kite and was soon making up some lost distance and it wasn’t long and all the trailable’s were under kite.
    The first mark was in Manifold Bay, the magnificent homestead a beautiful backdrop with it’s manicured gardens. This Way Up was holding a small lead on the Harper’s and Pipe Dream. Blue sky Mine had a small lead on Lightning Jack who had a few boat lengths on Boho. Mick and Steve were midfield on the monohulls.
    Laney turned first with Matt and Adam next around, while at the back of the fleet Boho had picked up some ground and came up beside Lightning Jack and got her nose in front. Andrew & Bec were going better this week in the light conditions and were not far behind the leading pack.
    Steve was able to hold out Alister at the mark and turn a boat length clear and with the big genoa looked like they would be hard to catch. Things soon turned and Lightning Jack was able to regain her position and heading to the next mark started to make up ground while everyone else seemed to be slowing up. This way Up rounded the next mark still holding a good lead over Liquid Limo and pipe dream whilst the two monohulls lost some ground but still turned in front of the rest of the fleet. Blue sky Mine turned ahead of Lightning Jack while the Sunmaid was slowing up in the dying breeze. The run along the eastern shore had the fleet closing in on each other. The three leading boats turned close together followed by Mick and Steve, Andrew, Alister and Steve.
    With a glassy surface the run to the channel marker was going to be a slow process. Liquid Limo headed towards the shore hoping to pick up some breeze there while the rest of the fleet headed straight for the line.
    Lightning Jack was sailing a blinder, Cabba’s and Kingy were moving through the fleet while the rest were hardly moving. Mick and Steve on the monohulls were struggling and Boho was making small progress on Blue Sky Mine. Liquid Limo looked like they had parked up on the bank as they were going nowhere. A small breeze started to fill in from the other side allowing This Way Up to round and throw up the kite for the run to the finish line.
    Shuttle Bus made up a lot of ground to finish thirty seven seconds behind in second place with Pipe dream another four seconds back in third. Lightning Jack was the third trailable across the line ahead of Blue Sky Mine and it looked like Boho had Liquid Limo covered but Matt was able to get a lift and beat Steve home.
    It was a challenging day with the lack of breeze and sometimes it comes down to luck. Following the sailing all members adjourned to the Lake Edge Café for some beautiful nibbles that Lois and staff had provided along with some refreshing cold ales. The view is spectacular from the café and an ideal location to enjoy a relaxing afternoon.
    This week duty roster is Blue Sky Mine. With only three weeks left on the sailing program it would be great to get as many boats on the water come Saturday. See you there!

  4. Sailing 16/02/2019

    With light winds predicted from the South West it was a smaller fleet than the last sail with seven yachts heading to the start line. The fleet consisted of six RL24’s and the Sunmaid with newcomer Tom Gooden venturing out with Commodore Adam on Pipe Dream. Midnight no one was back again this time crewing for Adam and leaving Cool Runnings home in the shed. The prize for determination and consistency must go to Blue Sky Mine where the crew had only stepped ashore in Melbourne a few hours earlier after a ten day cruise of New Zealand.
    The water surface had been glassy all morning whilst setting up but as the count commenced for the first race there were some small puffs of breeze drifting through. The starters hooter had everyone away nice and clean with the surprise being Screaming Blue Murder taking it up to Pipe Dream. Cookie was thinking a good showing here could put value onto the sale price. Liquid Limo, Toucan, Lightning Jack were bunched together with Boho holding on with the aid of the big genoa.
    As the fleet moved out towards the middle of the lake heading up to the marker outside the channel it looked a one horse race with SBM getting out to a good lead. Pipe dream was not far behind with another gap to Liquid Limo and Toucan . Lightning Jack seemed to be getting some assistance from the duty boat and started to make up some ground. Blue Sky Mine sailed up beside Boho before falling into a hole, with the Sunmaid then picking up speed to sail away from the Stinchy’s.
    Screaming Blue Murder rounded the top mark just ahead of Pipe Dream with both yachts launching their kites. The Harper’s were next around with Toucan right on her stern. Lightning Jack rounded closely followed by Boho. Jack went for the kite like Matt and Pam whilst Boho with the big genoa was able to sail past Kingy. Blue Sky Mine was still making their way to the marker being well off the pace stuck in some glassy water.
    At the second mark Pipe Dream had put her nose in front from Screaming Blue Murder as they turned from home. The second leg also saw Liquid Limo start to put a little distance on Toucan, with Lightning Jack getting some good wind under kite come back on Boho and go straight past.
    The run to the finish line had Pipe Dream cross forty one seconds ahead of Screaming Blue Murder who had a fantastic race. Liquid Limo was eleven minutes behind Cookie , then Toucan ahead of Lightning Jack. Boho was next across the line from Blue Sky Mine, another RL notch in the skippers belt.
    The second race started with more breeze with all boats getting away well. The one to jump out early was Liquid limo, Matt determined to make up for the previous . With the winds shifting back and forwards all boats kept to the starboard tack on the line except for Screaming Blue Murder and Lightning Jack who tacked onto the port side. Toucan was going well with good speed as was Blue Sky Mine. Boho was doing well early in the leg with the skipper happy with boat speed but it wasn’t long and the RL’s were drawing away. Pipe Dream made it to the top mark first followed by Liquid Limo, Toucan, Screaming Blue Murder, Blue Sky Mine and Boho.
    Blue Sky mine didn’t follow the Jenny Craig weight watchers motto of going in fat and coming out skinny at the top mark, clipping the buoy and having to do a penalty. Positions didn’t change to the wing mark with Adam holding a lead on Matt as they rounded. Toucan was around next with Screaming Blue Murder then Lightning Jack, Blue Sky Mine and Boho.
    The run from the bottom mark back to the channel had nearly all the fleet head across to the café side of the lake. The wind had picked up giving good boat speed. Pipe Dream pulled away from Liquid Limo and being a drop keel it is rated faster. Screaming Blue Murder was gaining ground on Toucan with Alister following close behind.
    Pipe Dream crossed the line to gain line honours ahead of Liquid Limo followed by a fast finishing Screaming Blue Murder who was able to pip Toucan by 30 seconds. Lightning Jack crossed next followed by the Stinchcombe family on Blue Sky Mine. Boho rounded out the fleet but very happy with the days performance.
    Please note there is no pennant racing this coming weekend but racing will resume on Mar 2nd. See you then!

  5. Sailing 02/02/2019

    Having only four boats greet the starter last week today was going to be an unknown factor. With extreme heat and light winds forecast it was anyone’s guess as to what boats would turn up.
    Pam and Bryan from Toucan were duty boat, more than happy to take on the roll with Andrew being in Indonesia for work. There were rumours that Dave Taylor from Leopold would arrive with his new RL but was a late cancellation. Cool Runnings from Derrinallum ventured across to Purrumbete with another new boat named Imogen, a Hartly 16 belonging to Rod and Mandy Edwards. This was their first outing with the club but had sailed a few times alone on Lake Colac. Rounding up the fleet we had Martin Roche on his Arrow cat. All up there were seven Rl24’s, the Hartly and Sunmaid that ventured out. Martin on the Arrow was having difficulties getting out, hopefully can launch next week.
    With a delay of putting in a marker up near the Homestead, the first race was 15 minutes late starting. Once on station skippers had a chance to work out the best end to start , although the pin end was certainly the most favourable. Boho and Pipe Dream decided on a port tack start from the pin end while This Way Up crossed on starboard in front of them. The rest of the fleet started on the committee boat end before throwing in a quick tack after crossing the line. The winds were pretty fickle and Liquid Limo and Screaming Blue Murder having some speed were hoping to go to the buoy. Pipe Dream was tacking out towards the middle of the lake closely followed by This way Up. Boho with the big genoa was keeping up with the lead boats and was holding her own. Cool Runnings, Blue Sky Mine, Lightning Jack and Imogen were struggling with no breeze. Blue Sky Mine picked up some wind and sailed up to Boho and then came to a stop. Your scribe is not sure if this was when Bec copped the boom against her head, but Boho was fortunate to get some breeze and pull away. The top mark, sitting in the shadows of Purrumbete homestead had This Way Up and Liquid Limo racing to be first there. Matt was able to nudge out Laney by only a couple of boat lengths. Pipe Dream was next around followed by Screaming Blue Murder. The Harper’s were quick to try and gain more distance throwing up the kite although it looked a little shy to fly. Boho rounded in fifth spot, with three RL’s and the Hartly still trying to make their way to the mark. The run to the wing mark had the three leading boats in Liquid limo, This Way Up and Pipe Dream in a close tussle, while Cookie was just behind but having some issues with his kite. Boho found themselves in a hole with the wind dropping out but soon heard that noise of the three RL’s coming at her bringing the breeze with them whilst Imogen was still trying to make it to the mark.
    The run home from the wing mark had Liquid Limo holding out This way Up and Pipe Dream. Less than two minutes between the first three boats with Screaming Blue Murder next across the line. Boho rounded in front of the rest of the RL’s and with all four flying kites it was going to be a close finish. Blue Sky Mine got up level with Steve but Boho with the pole adjustment got back in front. With around 100 mtrs to go it looked like Boho had cool Runnings, Blue Sky Mine and Lightning Jack covered but a wind shift soon left the Sunmaid without any air in the kite. Blue Sky Mine was able to cut across in front of her and get to the line eight seconds in front of Cool Runnings with Boho next followed by Lightning Jack and Imogen who was a DNF.
    The second race saw a quick change to the start line as the wind had shifted further to the west, making the buoy at the channel entrance the top mark. All boats started from the committee boat end and got away nicely. Pipe Dream was first away with This Way Up, Liquid Limo and Cool Runnings close on her stern. Blue Sky Mine went across with Screaming Blue Murder with Boho next and Lightning Jack below her and unable to tack. Imogen was close next, hoping to make up for the DNF in the first race. The top mark was a scramble for positions and there was not much between the leading boats. The wind had dropped out closer to the mark making some go further past to make sure they could tack back to the pin. The run down wind had the leading pack under kite but a huge wind shift soon had the kites tucked away. Again the winds gods played tricks as the fleet neared the wing mark, the breeze dropping away. Pipe Dream still held her nose in front from This Way Up with Liquid Limo within easy reach. Cool Runnings was having a ripper race, maybe it was the change in helmsman but was showing good speed. Blue Sky Mine was starting to show the form from the Nationals and was pushing through the field. Obviously Bec’s pain threshold was allowing them to continue. Lightning Jack was trailing the rest of the RL’s with Boho and Imogen battling it out at the back of the fleet. The run across to the bottom mark showed the Hartly had a turn of speed in the right winds, looking to pass the Sunmaid.
    The run back to the top mark and finish line had Pipe Dream coming home first followed by Liquid Limo and This Way Up. Again the time differences were small, only twenty seconds between first and second and another twenty five seconds to third place. Cool Runnings crossed in fourth spot, closely followed by Blue Sky Mine, Screaming Blue Murder and Lightning Jack. The Sunmaid crossed next with Imogen again with a DNF.
    Except for the wind playing games in both races the sailing was fantastic with close results. It was great to see Cool Runnings on the water for the first time since opening day, hopefully they can get a stable crew as they were most impressive. Rod and Mandy would have been pleased to wet the hull of the Hartly and I am sure they will have some close racing against the Sunmaid in coming weeks.
    Boho is duty boat this coming week, make sure you are on the start line early. Would be great to see all those boats out there again this week. If you read our blog and are not members but would like to bring your boat over for a sail, we would love to see you.

  6. Sailing 19/01/2019

    First day back from the Christmas break has the club back at Lake Purrumbete. The level at Colac had dropped dramatically, the hot days were as if someone had pulled the plug out. Being back at Purrumbete has meant the cat’s and small monohulls have finished for the season which is a shame as numbers had been quite good in the early part of the season.
    Duty boat was Liquid Limo, fresh from a successful national series in the RL24 at Royal Brisbane. A great effort in getting second in the swing keel division along with Andrew & Bec Stinchcombe who got a fourth in their first attempt. Both boats looking forward already to next year’s titles.
    Forecast was a nice 10knots from the South West which was ideal as it meant not having to replace the marker missing in the homestead bay. New sailor Max Clark climbed on board Boho to compete in his first pennant races for the club. Max is currently restoring his Comet 20 and is not far from launching and going for a spin with the club.
    With a small fleet of four, This Way Up, Lightning Jack, Toucan and Boho faced the start hooter. Unfortunately the hooter was not working so Brodie and Liam Harper took turns in screaming out a blood thirsty noise instead. This way Up hit the line ahead of Lightning Jack and Boho with Toucan on their tails. Laney stayed on the starboard tack whilst the others threw in a tack and headed out to the port side. With the first marker just outside the channel it was This Way Up rounding with a good lead over Alister followed by Pam on Toucan. The Sunmaid was last around having given up some distance in the last part to the mark when the wind died down. The run across to the wing mark was very shy with only This way Up and Lightning Jack running the kite.being shy they both were pushed away from the mark where Toucan and Boho had a good run
    This Way Up rounded and headed for home with a massive lead and were not going to be caught. Pammy Cuppo tried everything under kite to pick up ground on Alister but without luck. Lightning Jack crossed about 100 metres ahead of Toucan with a big gap to Boho.
    Second start had This Way Up run down the line crossing down the pin end. The hooters screech sounded like young Harps had his finger caught in a mouse trap. Toucan, Boho and Lightninbg Jack coming over the top had them all crossing together with Pam and Steve unable to get any boat speed. Dash and Laney again stayed on the starboard tack and was putting distance between themselves and the rest of the fleet. Toucan and Lightning Jack tacked side by side nothing separating them. Boho not able to point as high was getting pushed down.
    This race was a copy of the first, This Way Up leading and rounding at the top mark. Toucan was going much better in this race and had opened up a good lead by the time they rounded, putting some distance on Lightning Jack. Boho again struggled getting to this mark. The run to the wing mark again proved too shy to run the kite, with only This Way Up attempting to do so. They had a good lead, they could have stopped and had a Bundy or two. Pam was still holding Alister at bay however they made up substantial ground under kite to the bottom mark. Boho again kept the kite in the bag with Max having some time on the helm.
    The run home to the finish line, which was moved back to the top mark had This Way Up clear winners. The duel between Toucan and Lightning Jack was intensifying as Alister was trying everything to get to Toucan. They actually thought they had crossed in front but the duty officer had Toucan listed as a one second margin in front. Boho was last across the line, very frustrated from the wind shifts and drop in breeze at times. But that’s sailing! Still a great day on the water.
    Next pennant day is Feb 2nd, hope to see you on the water.

  7. Sailing 15/12/2018

    The last pennant race for the calendar year gave a forecast of very light winds with a possibility of thunderstorms later in the day. There were six trailables, two A Class, three monohulls and small cat that went out to greet the start line. Lightning Jack were duty boat and soon had the first start under way with a little bit of confusion with class flags and hooter sequence. Screaming Blue Murder was a notable absence from the start line, making a quick return to shore as skipper Cookie had come down with Bali belly.
    This Way Up and Liquid Limo were first away closely followed by Blue Sky Mine, Toucan and Boho next over the line together. Shuttlebus, Live Wire and The Commodore crossed in amongst the fleet but it was slow going in the light breeze. The two RL’s of Liquid Limo and This Way Up went to the port side of the course whilst the rest of the fleet went on the opposite tack. Herb and Macka got away together on the cats.
    The top mark had Liquid Limo turn just ahead of Laney with the rest of the fleet giving them a lot of distance. Blue Sky Mine turned next with a big gap to Toucan followed by Boho. Mick, Heath and Adam were having a great tussle in the monohulls. Chris looked to have the upper hand on Dave and was out in front by a small margin.
    Positions didn’t change except for the two leading trailables, This Way Up was able to peg back the Harpers who turned at the top mark only a boats length in front. The race downwind had Liquid Limo holding This Way Up half way down the leg but the old master soon came back and got in front under kite. Matt wasn’t quite done just yet and came back at This Way Up to regain the lead. This caused Laney to drop back where he was able to pinch the wind from Matt and get more boat speed and send him past and over the line by half a boat length. Stinchy was next across the line in the trailables followed by Toucan and Boho. Chris got home from Dave on the A class whilst Adam had the better of Mick and Heath. Martin crossed not far behind.
    With darkening skies the next race had most of the boats take off from the pin end. The breeze had swung to a ENE direction and was starting to build with the rolling thunder. Liquid Limo was the only boat to start on starboard tack as they made their way through the start line. When she tacked this gave them a good line to the top mark. The rest of the fleet were going down below the mark. Screaming Blue Murder joined in on this race, much lighter with the removal of the skipper. On all reports the skipper was much lighter as well. Toucan was revelling in the better breeze and was taking it up to This Way Up whilst Blue Sky Mine seemed to be struggling with Boho not far behind.
    Live Wire pulled out half way down the course, work was calling for Heath. Adam was holding a small lead over Mick whilst the heavier conditions favoured Macka over Herb.
    Liquid Limo turned at the top mark by around a boat length from This Way Up but then scooted away heading to the wing buoy. Toucan was next followed by Screaming Blue Murder, then Blue Sky Mine, Martin and Boho. The stronger winds certainly helping the Sunmaid as she was right up there with the RL’s. The kites stayed in the bag this leg as the wind increased and the rain began.
    A good call by the duty officer had the course shortened with the finish line at the top mark. Liquid Limo held on the take line honours from This Way Up, maybe showing some good form going into the Nationals. This Way Up was next across the line followed by Toucan, Screaming Blue Murder, Blue Sky Mine and Boho. The monohulls crossed with Adam ahead of Mick and Dave had the winning margin over Chris.
    Once the fleet were all finished it was a mad dash back to the clubhouse to get off the water. The rumbling thunder a worry that lightning would also appear in the skyline.
    The Christmas celebrations went well with an appearance from the jolly man himself. I think Santa has lost a little weight with all his hard work leading into the big day. His sumo bounce nearly had him come unstuck when handing out some presents.
    Like to wish all boats going to national titles all the very best, I am sure you will do yourselves and the club proud. Looking forward to seeing some great results. On behalf of the CYC I would like to wish all members and their families a merry and safe Christmas and please travel carefully on our roads.

  8. Sailing 08/12/2018

    With a forecast of around nine knots of breeze it was a rather glassy surface that greeted the fleet as they made their way to the course. In all ten boats headed out with seven trailables, two monohulls and a single A Class.
    Duty office Andrew was keen to get the fleet on the way and soon had the first flag up to commence the start. With a port course set the top mark was up near Ross’s Point. Some skippers were getting rather excited and keen to hit the line causing some commotion , with This Way Up having to duck and weave on the line. Toucan was playing smart being down near the pin end, heading out to the port side of the course when the hooter went. Pipe Dream slipped in behind the committee boat along with Liquid Limo and Shuttlebus followed by Lightning Jack, Live Wire, Screaming Blue Murder and Boho.
    Pammy kept heading to port followed by Boho whilst the rest of the fleet went to the starboard side of the course. At the top mark there was not much between the first three boats with Pipe Dream just nudging This Way Up and Liquid Limo a boat length behind. Toucan rounded just ahead of Lightning Jack with Screaming Blue murder running into problems on the mark and having to bare away. This allowed Boho to make up a lot of ground on Cookie and was able to round half a boat length ahead of the RL. It must be noted this is not the first time the Sunmaid has beaten an RL to the top mark this season.
    The run to the wing mark had the three boats out in front holding their places whilst Jack and Toucan along with Live Wire and Shuttlebus were all in the vicinity of each other. Cookie under kite slowly got past Boho and opened up a gap before the mark. The breeze was still fickle leaving some skippers frustrated. The run home from the top mark had Pipe Dream under kite holding off liquid Limo from This Way Up. Less than a minute separating the first three. Toucan was next home just ahead of Mick on Shuttlebus. Heath was a further twenty three seconds behind Mick with lightning Jack next. Screaming Blue Murder was unable to make up lost ground on the others and crossed the line next. Boho under kite brought the wind down the course to finish in last position.
    The second race was started however there has been some controversy in regards to the number of legs that were sailed. As the result is in question no details will be given in this blog.
    The last race for the year is this coming Saturday. There will be a BBQ following and the club will provide salads, sweets etc but please BYO your own meat. There will also be a guest appearance from the jolly man himself.
    See you on the water.

  9. Sailing 01/12/2018

    When you hear the whisper that the St Leonard boys are coming to town for a sail then there is a fair chance for strong winds. And that is precisely what the wind doctors gave us.
    With an expected 20-25 knots out of the west it was six trailables, two A class and one Taipan that ventured out to the start line. The three off the beach decided that was the best place for them whilst Herb turned around 100 mtrs from shore and went home.
    Only three boats went through the gate on the first start, This Way Up about 10 seconds in front of Boho with Blue Sky Mine eventually crossing giving a bid break to the Sunmaid. Boho slipped in a reef in the main just moments before the hooter, something the crew had not practiced but following clear instructions had it down pat.
    Laney was pointing much higher than Boho, the big Genoa pushing her away from the mark but still giving good boat speed. This Way Up was not headed around the course but the close racing was unfolding behind with Blue Sky Mine slowly making up ground. Stinchy finally caught her at the top mark second time round and cleared away when the Sunmaid was having difficulties getting around in the tack. Blue Sky Mine with two small children playing down below did a marvellous job in the conditions. They would have smiled watching the other trailables with experienced crew heading back to shore not crossing the start line. So you know how windy it was Laney did a granny at the wing mark, not wanting things to go pear shape under a gybe.
    The cats did not start their race and all headed to the comforts of the shoreline. It was great to see David (Demon) Parker back at his old club where he did all his junior sailing. The duty officer cancelled the second race so it was an early day for all.
    Sailing again this coming Saturday, catch you on the water.

  10. Sailing 24/11/2018

    With a predicted wind of 14 knots from the South West at around 3PM it was looking like it was going to be a good day on the water. Well the wind gods were delivering but the temperature gods had other ideas as the day was very chilly under some bleak skies. The rain held off with only the odd sprinkling of drops.
    Toucan was duty boat and were keen to get a win for their troubles. An offer for them to sail and still get there duty points were quickly turned down by the Cuppo’s. It was six trailables, two A class and an off the beach monohull that headed out to the start line. There was a slight delay on the first start. With the length of the course it took some time to reach the committee boat, a couple of trailables slightly late on the countdown.
    This Way Up, Liquid Limo and Boho led Lightning Jack, Blue Sky Mine and Pipe Dream and Mick on Shuttlebus over the line at the start, with TWU starting down towards the pin end. The two A’s got away with Macka having a slight lead over Herb Parker. The top mark had This Way rounding just in front of Pipe Dream and Liquid Limo who were having a good tussle between themselves. Lightning Jack was around next a few boat lengths from Blue Sky Mine. The leg to the wing mark had This Way Up stretch their lead whilst Adam and Matt battle out for second spot. Mick rounded in fourth ahead of Alister with the Stinchcombe’s making up more ground. The turn at the bottom mark had Laney still well clear , the other two not being able to make any gain. The run to the top mark had Blue sky Mine pick a couple of good wind shifts and gain a lot of territory over Lightning Jack with Boho well behind. Dave was still holding sway over Chris on their windward return legs.
    The run to the finish line had This Way Up come home ahead of Pipe Dream. Matt was a further twenty seven seconds adrift followed across the line by Scuttlebus, Blue Sky Mine, Lightning jack and eventually the Sunmaid in Boho. In the A class it was Dave by two and a half minutes from Chris.
    The duty officer must have had a date as the second race was started before Boho had finished the first race. Again it was This Way Up away on the pin head followed closely by Pipe Dream and Liquid Limo, Blue Sky Mine and Lightning Jack all bunched together. In the A’s it was Chris away first from Dave. At the top mark the five RL’s were still pretty close to each other with Laney rounding first and heading to the wing mark. Adam had a small lead on the following bunch with Blue Sky Mine and Lightning Jack having a great tussle just behind the Harpers. Scuttlebus was in there with them, having a good run.
    Rounding the bottom buoy This Way Up had lost a little ground to Pipe Dream and Liquid Limo had a good run under kite putting some distance between Andrew and Alister. The bottom mark was some issues for Lightning Jack getting caught up on the marker and having to do a penalty. Boho was way back in the distance, the long course looking like a Sunday finish for them.
    The top mark had Laney just ahead of Adam with a fast Liquid Limo now joining them. Blue Sky Mine had opened up a gap on Lightning Jack, the penalty costing Alister valuable time. Herb was still keeping Macka at arm’s length. The run to the bottom mark had Ian, Adam and Matt all working hard trying to gain extra speed to break away however that is the order that had them round the bottom mark for the last time and head for home. The cagey old fox covered Adam all the way back to the finish line, crossing by a minute and four seconds with Liquid limo another minute further back. Blue sky Mine was next across the line ahead of Mick Wright on Scuttlebus with Lightning Jack next followed by Boho. Chris eventual got Dave by nearly three minutes, nearly the same time diff in the first race but different positions.
    All up a great day on the water. Good to see a couple of new faces try sailing for the first time, hopefully they enjoyed themselves to want to come back. Next Sunday the 2nd December weather wise there will be a fun race to Meredith Park commencing at 10.30am. Depending on numbers and weather it will be decided to either have a BBQ at Meredith Park or back at the club rooms. BYO meat, salads etc.
    The club would like to take the opportunity in congratulating Graeme parker on his success at the recent A Class Nationals and World titles in Hervey bay Queensland. Graeme sailed in the classic division in both regattas and came third overall in each. A tremendous effort competing against over forty other entrants. Well done Graeme!
    This week duty boat is Screaming Blue Murder, get along and we will see you on the water.

  11. Sailing 17/11/2018
    Today was looking like another amazing day on the water, lovely temperature and a forecast of around 14 knots in the middle of the afternoon. With the course set, the breeze was coming out of the NE with the it supposedly to swing to later to the SE.
    A fleet of six trailables and two monohulls heading out to the start line it was discovered that there were two late crew for the trailables standing on the jetty. A quick dash into shore by the committee boat soon had the two latecomers on board their respective boats. Hoping Theo and Reidy can sync their watches for this week.
    The duty boat had plenty on board to assist with Chris Smith a great advocate for the lake and Chris Lloyd offering to help out. The first start had Pipe Dream crossing from the pin end hoping to gain some advantage. Liquid Limo got away well followed by Lightning Jack, Blue Sky Mine, Boho and Toucan out the back. The McDougall’s, Steve and Heath crossed the line pretty much together. Half way to the top mark Pipe dream had stayed out to the port side of the course where everyone else has on the other tack. Toucan followed in Adam’s path to port only to find the wind had dropped off.
    The top mark had the Harpers round first followed by Pipe Dream, Lightning Jack who was sailing well. Blue Sky Mine with Sarah Holt on board for her first sail was close behind. Boho was the next trailable rounding ahead of Toucan. The big skipper on Boho did call out some encouragement to Pammy and it must have worked as they soon had him rounded up. Live Wire had a small lead on Rebound.
    The positions didn’t alter for the rest of the race, with the Harpers or the Hangovers getting home from Pipe Dream by seven seconds. Truly great racing! Lightning Jack was able to hold off Blue Sky Mine from Toucan followed by the Sunmaid Boho. Heath grabbed bragging rights from father Steve getting across the line by thirty one seconds, a great result as he sustained a knee injury.
    The start of the second race had all the boats on the line together, Pipe Dream and Liquid Limo running down the line so as not to cross early. All the others hit the line on the hooter. Well the hooter sounded more like a dingo with a part of its anatomy caught in a dog trap. I am sure Smithy will regain his voice before the next council meeting.
    Pipe Dream was after revenge this race and soon had a small lead on Liquid Limo. Matt and Tiffany were doing a great job not having to lean over the side to put out burly. Pammy was a lady possessed this race, not wanting to relive the embarrassment of the Sunmaid beating her RL to the top mark. She was putting up a good showing this race sitting on the tail of the Hangovers, crew Andrew was getting his first taste of sailing on lake Colac. Sky Blue Mine was next followed by Lightning Jack who seemed to have lost their way as they were heading a long way in on the starboard tack. Boho was the last of the trailables whilst Heath was racing alone. Steve had pulled out due to the knee injury so looks like Kay will be mowing the lawns this week.
    With the extra leg on the finish the line honours were looking a two boat race between pipe dream and Liquid Limo. Toucan and Blue Sky Mine were have a great battle between themselves. Adam and drew on Pipe Dream got home by one minute and seventeen seconds, a good turn around from the first race or it may have been Matt and Tiff becoming weary from being up all night. Toucan looked to have the better of Blue Sky Mine but Pam was pipped on the line by one second. Not sure who called out the times, hope they didn’t stutter for that second. Lightning Jack was next followed by the laser Live Wire and Boho.
    A great days racing with some very close finishes and new faces. Sarah was on board BSM as previously mentioned, Gary and young Rodger Federer were on Pipe Dream and Peter stepped back on board Boho for the first time in 15 years.
    Thanks to all skippers having their boats on the water nice and early. Just a call out that if you see someone needing a hand please jump in and assist, makes life easier for everyone. If you are not confident in driving the tractor please ask for help of those who can drive it properly!
    Look forward to seeing you on the water this coming weekend.

  12. Sailing 10/11/2018

    With a lovely forecast of 10-12 knots from the west the crew on Toucan were smiling from ear to ear as it was a wind strength they are comfortable with. Recruiting Mick Slater as forward hand the Cuppo’s felt that this was there day.
    With a fleet of six RL’s and the Sunmaid in the trailables, two Impulse’s, one Laser and one A Class it was a good number that were heading out to the start line. Rod & Mandy had their new Hartly but for unknown reasons didn’t make it out onto the water.
    With a slight delay thanks to Lightning Jack getting caught up on the committee boat anchor and having to be freed, the slower boats to arrive at the start line had a slight reprieve.
    Jostling for position on the start line, Toucan went through on the pin end but did not gain any advantage. The boat to jump out of the blocks first was Screaming Blue Murder followed closely by This way Up and Liquid limo. Toucan had a slight lead over Jack with Boho next followed by Blue Sky Mine. In the monohulls, Mick Wright got away ahead of Heath and Steve McDougall whilst Macka was racing for a time only.
    The beat to the top mark had Cookie picking the slight shifts and rounded ahead of This Way Up. The Murderer was showing great speed and was travelling well but that is when it all went down hill. The crew decided that the wing mark must have been the buoy they just came from and with the kite up headed straight down the lake. This allowed the other RL’s to come through with This Way Up taking over the lead followed by Liquid Limo, Toucan, Lightning Jack and Blue Sky Mine. Shuttle Bus was the first of the monohulls followed by Heath on Live Wire. The two Steve’s rounded together at the top mark.
    The wing mark saw all the boats go through in the same order, the SBM now in last position in the RL’s. The leg across to the bottom mark had Ian working harder as he could either see the next mark or was just following the others. Liquid Limo was continually throwing out the challenge to Laney as they beat to the top mark. Screaming Blue Murder was making up good ground and was able to get past Blue Sky Mine, Lightning Jack and Toucan. Mick was a clear leader on the Impulse ahead of heath and Steve whilst Boho was the last of the trailables.
    This Way Up rounded first and headed for the finish line beating Liquid Limo by around 45 seconds. Shuttle Bus was next followed by Screaming Blue Murder, Lightning Jack, Toucan, Live wire, Blue Sky Mine and Boho.
    Second race was nearly a carbon copy of the first race. Ian and crew again jumped clear and gained a slight lead over Liquid Limo, This way Up, Toucan, Blue Sky Mine, Liquid jack and Boho. The top mark again saw cookie first around followed by the Harpers. The pressure was on the gun boat in third followed by Pammy and crew, The Stinchies, Lightning Jack and Boho.
    This Way Up had some water to make up but under kite heading to the wing mark both them and Liquid Limo had more boats speed than SBM. The Harpers rounded the next mark ahead of This Way Up followed by Cookie. At least this leg he went to the right marker. Toucan was next followed by Blue Sky Mine, Jack and Boho. The McDougall’s pulled out on this leg and headed for home, Steve starting to feel the pinch of not having sailed for thirteen years. Mick was still giving a few of the trailables a lesson in boat speed.
    The run home to the finish line which was now at the top mark had This Way Up get over the line by thirty four seconds from Liquid Limo. Seems it will only be a matter of time and the throne will be passed on. Screaming Blue Murder hung on for third , just beating Toucan by twenty five seconds. Blue Sky Mine was next followed by Lightning Jack and Boho.
    In all a great days racing, and a joy to be on our own lake. A reminder to all trailable skippers, we want your boats launched as quickly as possible. The countdown for the first race is 1.25PM. All duty officers will be instructed that they do not wait for any boats so be WARNED.
    Make sure you check out the VBLOG videos, some light hearted fun for your entertainment.
    See you on the water this week.

  13. Sailing Blog 27/10/2018
    With an air of excitement club members have been eagerly anticipating the return to pennant racing on Lake Colac. Those famous words from Pammy Cuthbertson all winter were “ mark my words we will be sailing on our lake this year”. It was a big call and there were some skeptics, the most noticeable one being the former Captain Curtains.
    It had been 13 long years of travelling up the highway to firstly Bullen Merri at Camperdown and then Lake Purrumbete. With the return to Colac it was great to see the A class guys out in force with our three locals in Graham, Chris and Dave and three visitors. The trailables were represented by RL24’s, the club having one of the biggest fleets of this class in the country.
    The conditions early were a little damp but there were promising blue signs above. Wind had been predicted at around 10-12 knots out of the west. A lovely breeze to kick off the season. With the course set and a briefing held it was time to hit the water. Well in the case of This Way Up it was more like the concrete. At first members thought the Hitchin’s had returned from QLD but no it was only Laney , Dash and Carol launching. They were off to a bad trot, having left the key to the padlock for the cabin at home. A good bolt cutter soon gave them access to down below.
    There were five RL’s that ventured out to the start line, where the wind had picked up slightly and was blowing a constant 18-20 knots. Only three of the Cats made it out to the line, self-preservation had the other guy’s head back to shore. The start of the first race had the Harper’s on Liquid Limo hitting the line just after the hooter with This Way Up well back followed by Lightning Jack. The Stinchcombe’s and guests on board Blue Sky Mine were well off in the distance and hit the line around 5 minutes after the start. Toucan eventually crossed under motor, having lost their spinnaker pole over the side. I am sure Pam will find it if heaven forbid the lake dry’s again.
    This Way Up pulled back the good lead from Liquid Limo and had gotten in front by the top mark. Lightning Jack with the heavier crew were working hard to catch up to Matt, Tiff and the boys while Blue Sky Mine was showing glimpses of speed. The A class guys of Dave, Jon and Neville were battling the conditions and once they had all reached the top mark headed for home. No need for damage at this time of year.
    This Way Up rounded the bottom mark well clear with one last beat to the top and run down wind to the finish, followed by Liquid Limo, Lightning Jack and Blue Sky Mine. Andrew was gaining ground on the two hulls in front and when everyone had turned to come home they had made up a significant distance. The highlight of this leg was the impressive roundup under kite by Liquid Limo. This left the door ajar for Alister and crew to pick up a position but the Harper’s were soon under control and crossed in second spot followed by Lightning Jack and a quick finishing Blue Sky Mine.
    The start of the second race was in complete contrast to the first with Blue Sky Mine getting to the line beside the committee boat, a fast Liquid Limo coming in between Stinchy and This Way Up and Lightning Jack next down the line. The extra weight on Blue Sky Mine in the heavy conditions were having a small factor as half way up the first leg they held a slender lead over This Way Up. Lightning Jack was having a good leg and picked up Liquid Limo. The new gun forward hand in Cabber’s giving out some local knowledge may have been a factor.
    The top mark had Stichy rounding first from This Way Up, Lightning Jack and Liquid Limo. The run to the wing mark had some positional changes where This Way Up was able to gain the lead for the first time. With seven on board it was standing room only for one of the crew on Blue Sky Mine, not sure if he thought he was on trapeze. Liquid Limo pulled past Lightning jack on this run but were not able to clear away by more than a couple of boat lengths.
    The last run home had Laney and Stinch nearly side by side, although This Way Up was pointing higher Blue Sky Mine had very good speed over the water. It was anyone’s call heading to the line with both boats on starboard tack. This Way Up was higher on the line passing beside the committee boat where Blue Sky Mind crossed the line on the pin end, only twenty two seconds behind. For a race that went for one hour and thirteen minutes it was great racing. Liquid Limo was next across the line followed by Lightning Jack.
    Although it was heavy conditions everyone handled it well and thoroughly enjoyed being back on our lake. The depth will be monitored closely leading into summer but hopefully the weather gods are good to us. There is no racing next Saturday due to the Stawell regatta, for those boats that are going to compete the club wish you fair winds.

  14. Sailing 24/03/2018

    With light northerly winds predicted for the last sailing day of the year the duty officer’s Phil and snake charmer Fiona set the start line towards the cafe bay from the channel markers. The first race had four Rl’s and the Sunmaid greeting the start line. Screaming Blue Murder led the fleet away very closely followed by Lightning Jack and This Way Up. Toucan and Boho were further down the line crossing together. It wasn’t long and Laney had sailed through the fleet picking the small puffs. Toucan was also making her move and was gaining ground as the wind was dying out. Screaming Blue Murder tacked back to the port side of the course hoping to pick up breeze whilst the rest of the fleet headed out further.
    This Way Up held a small lead on Toucan with Lightning Jack not far off her sturn. Boho was level with SBM but was running out of wind.
    The wind was starting to fill in from the homestead side of the lake giving This Way Up a run to the top mark closely followed by Toucan. Screaming Blue Murder who had been stuck out wide were the first to get the breeze and was making up a lot of ground. Laney turned first followed by Pam, with Cookie rounding before Alister. Boho was last around after being caught with no wind.
    The leg to the wing mark had the Rl’s chasing each other under kite but not making up ground. The run home had This Way Up leading Toucan home followed by Screaming Blue Murder and Lightning Jack. Boho dropped way off the pack when crossing to the bottom mark with the wind disappearing.
    The second start had Tri-Hard in the fleet, gear failure made her a non starter in the first.
    Conditions were nearly a drifter, but the hooter had Lightning Jack a clear winner over the line followed by This Way Up. Screaming Blue Murder was next with Boho well short of the line. Toucan was a long way back followed by Tri-Hard.
    The smiles on Lightning Jack didn’t last that long as This Way Up picked the breeze and moved up past her.
    Screaming Blue Murder with Mary Lou on the helm was going very well and was holding their own with the other two boats. Toucan soon caught up with Boho and moved past, with Tri-Hard finding the lighter conditions much harder.
    This Way Up led all comers to the top mark in the light conditions with Lightning Jack ahead of Screaming Blue Murder and Toucan. Boho was holding a good lead over Tri-Hard.
    With all boats rounded the wind had now completely dropped out as they headed to the wing mark. There was a huge gap between the leading boats and Boho followed by Tri-Hard. The breeze started to fill in behind the two slower boats and were carrying them down to the rest of the fleet who were stuck near the marker. Once the wind reached them they were able to make the mark and head for the bottom mark and finish line. This Way Up was doing well in front of Lightning Jack, Screaming Blue Murder and Toucan. Tri-hard with some breeze was making up some distance on Boho.
    This Way Up took out line honours from Lightning Jack followed by Screaming Blue Murder and then Toucan. The close racing of the day came down towards the finish line between Boho and Tri-Hard. The big fella wasn’t going to let this slip away and made sure he covered the tri.
    On approaching the finish line Boho made sure Tri-Hard would not get between them and the committee boat and was able to cross just ahead.
    A frustrating day wind wise on the water but overall another good season of racing.
    Presentation evening is April 13th, this year being held at the Colac East Hotel. Cost is menu price and bar prices.
    Can you please advise Steve your boat numbers of who will be attending. Some have already which have been noted.
    See you on the 13th. 6.30pm start.

  15. Sailing 17/02/2018

    it was good to see the crew of Toucan back on the water this week after being absent for some weeks, albeit they were doing the duty role. Major Tom the Thompson from Stawell remained at the lake from the previous week as they were able to secure a good non-powered site to store the boat.
    A fleet of seven ventured out onto the water, The Thompson, Casino Royale with new crew Mary Lou on trapeze, the RL’s over This Way Up, Lightning Jack and Liquid limo who was returning after a successful campaign at the Portland regatta where they took out the trailable division.
    Tri-Hard was back again, wanting to show the rest of the fleet that the week prior was no fluke. All that will be said is those Prado’s have a great way of catching masts. Rounding out the fleet was the consistent Sunmaid, Boho Two.
    The first race saw the start line on the eastern shore with the first beat heading back across the lake to the top marker just near the channel entrance. Major Tom recruited the services of Lou Hollis to navigate them around the lake. For a change she took notice of wise words from husband Mick, “Just make sure you don’t fall in Lou”
    The first start had Lightning Jack trying to squeeze in from the Committee boat end with the rest of the fleet spread down the line. Tri-Hard was keeping back , making sure she didn’t get caught up with the others. With the sound of the hooter came another huge noise and a lot of yelling. Mick had gone over the side on Lightning Jack much to the amuzement of all. Seems those new toe straps Alister had fitted was pointless when the crew don’t use them properly. Luckily Mick still had hold of the main sheet and he was able to pull himself back to the boat and climb back on board.
    Casino Royale was away to a good start, with Stinchy and Mary Lou out on trapeze they were putting in some distance from the crew from Stawell. Mary Lou who holds the record for man over board was safely strapped into the harness on the blue Costin.
    This way Up lead the RL’s, with Laney who had the pleasure of daughter Kerry home from the States to have a sail before heading back to Trump country. The Harpers’ on Liquid Limo headed to the port side of the course while the rest of the fleet headed out to the other side. Lightning Jack was making up some ground on Boho after the reeling in their swimmer while Tri-Hard was at the rear of the fleet.
    The top mark saw Adam and his crew round ahead of the Thompson followed by This way Up. Liquid Limo cut back to the buoy just behind them with Lightning Jack further back but having some good speed on the starboard tack. Boho, with the wise move to run with the bigger jib followed Alister around whilst the tri was not making up any distance.
    Positions didn’t change in the run to the wing mark, the breeze picking up slightly under kite. The run to the finish line saw Casino Royale hold off a fast finishing Major Tom, whilst Dash & Ian were having the better of Liquid Limo followed by Lightning Jack. Boho had a good run to the finish not losing any more distance to the faster RL’s. Tri-Hard was last over the line, however the lighter conditions did not favour them.
    The second race course was adjusted with an extra beat put in to the finish line. The breeze was starting to pick up when all the boats got away for a clean start. Major Tom with navigator Lou barking instructions got away to a flyer from Casino Royale. Liquid Limo again kept to the port side of the course whilst Alister headed towards the middle holding a slight advantage over This way Up. Boho had a slight lead on Tri-Hard. The heavier conditions now not suiting Boho with the bigger jib.
    The Thompson turned at the first marker ahead of Casino Royale and started to put some distance between them. The upset of the day was looking likely as it seemed Lightning jack was going to be the first RL to the mark. Alister’s excitement was short lived as Liquid Limo came across and turned for the mark a boat length ahead. Alister still had bragging rights beating Laney to the mark. Back down the course Tri-hard who was fast approaching Boho decided to tack instead of going below her. This still gave Boho height on the course and ground speed and was able to open up a good lead rounding the mark.
    The two sport boats had cleared out from the rest of the fleet and at the wing mark Liquid limo still held sway over This Way Up who had been able to peg back and pass Lightning jack.
    The run to the bottom mark had some work in front of them for This way Up but under kite were able to pass Matt. Alister was still keeping in contact with the others but was not making up the ground.
    Boho had open up a sizable lead on the tri, but with the shifting winds the run to the wing mark had them up and flying. Boho rounded first but half way across to the bottom mark Phil and Anthony had caught her.
    The leading boats once they had rounded the bottom mark all headed west to get some angle to turn and head for home. Major Tom was too good for the Costin this race winning by some distance. This Way Up again proved that it isn’t over until the fat lady sings, a saying that Commodore Ian made known to the crews of the other RL’s.
    Liquid Limo came home next followed by Lightning Jack. The Sunmaid and Tri were having a close battle but pure boat speed in the conditions had the tri home followed by Boho.
    It was another great day on the water, Lake Purrumbete certainly is a wonderful stretch of water. With other lakes coming down with algae issues we are fortunate we have this little jewel.
    Sailing resumes in two weeks, hoping to see as many boats as possible on the water. Make sure you check the program on the web for dates and duty roster. Thanks also to Major Tom and crew for coming to sail with us.
    See you all on the water soon.

  16. Sailing 10/02/2018

    With a number of boats not sailing a smaller fleet was expected. Major Tom, the Thompson from Stawell was back again hoping to carry on the rivalry with Casino Royale. The blue boat however were unable to muster a full crew and instead opted to get the Laser’s out. Tri-Hard was another starter, having been out of action for a few weeks with a broken spreader. It was also good to welcome back Anthony Gurrie who hasn’t sailed for a few years, but very keen to jump on board with Phil. Lightning Jack and Boho made up the rest of the fleet, giving seven starters for the day.
    The weather Gods were not being kind and a quick run out onto the lake in the rescue boat had the duty officer questioning if there would be any racing due to the heavy conditions. A decision to wait 30 minutes before making the call paid off as the wind dropped and the readings indicated good sailing conditions.
    The start line was near the “B” marker, with the first beat to the homestead bay. Boho and Major Tom got away to a good start, although the up turned laser with Adam on board was causing some havoc on the line. Stinchy and Heath on the other laser’s were away also with Lightning Jack. Tri-Hard was well below the line making sure she never got caught up in the fracas. The slight wind change soon favoured the port tack as all the fleet headed straight to the mark. The Thompson was flying in the conditions and soon opened up a nice lead from the laser’s. Phil and Anthony had Tri-Hard wound up and was soon making up all the ground lost at the start. Alister and Steve were next, making good speed in the conditions.
    Major Tom turned first and with a good reach was pulling away from Adam, Heath and Andrew. The tri was reveling in the conditions, the rooster tail indicating the speed it was travelling. It had caught the laser’s by the next mark, whilst the RL24 of Lightning Jack and the Sunmaid Boho were still doing well.
    The downhill run had the laser’s flying with speed with a couple of the boys taking to the water. Major Tom was first over the line followed by Adam, Heath and Stinchy. Tri-Hard lost some ground on this leg but was still able to come in next. The next two trailables did not fly their kites, hoping to maintain some speed by going out wider and reaching back to the last buoy. Lightning Jack crossed the line in sixth place with Boho last across.
    The times of all boats indicated a very fast race and all skippers would have been happy with their times.
    With smiles on everyone’s faces the start of the second race couldn’t come quick enough as storm clouds were starting to roll in. Cookie and Mary Lou added an extra leg to this race, with the finish line now going to be up at the channel buoy.
    With the countdown under way everyone was keen to get a good start, with the pin end being more favourable.
    And with the start hooter being sounded Boho again got a good start on top of the Thompson and then it hit the fan.
    A strong gust had boats going in all directions with the laser boys taking a dip. Boho threw in a tack that had them heading back to the duty boat with Lightning Jack ducking under her.
    Once under control Boho and Adam were away with the wind dropping slightly. The port tack had them heading to the mark.
    Major Tom and and Tri-Hard found themselves at the winds mercy and both had to get assistance from the duty boat. They both gained a DNS for the second race.
    Adam was leading Boho to the mark but was lower on the course with Heath and Lightning Jack making up a lot of ground. It looked like Steve had Alister covered, especially when Heath took a swim just short of the mark but the RL was near surfing and got around before him. Heath was soon up and around with Stinchy last to the mark.
    Adam was opening up a small lead from Kingy with Boho holding her own. The winds now had picked up further with the two trailables washing the windows. Heath was making good speed over the water, catching up and passing Lightning Jack. Boho lost considerable ground in trying to tack and go further out onto the starboard side of the course. Lack of speed had her make three attempts to get round. Andrew headed across towards the cafe, possibly trying to find some shelter from the wind.
    This leg had heath catch up to Adam and they were sailing neck and neck with Alister right on their sterns.
    The run down wind from the previous race was now a reach across to the “B” marker which meant a gybe and reach back to the finish line.
    Heath was able to hold Adam out and get line honours with Lightning Jack a close third. Boho was next over the line, not without some gear failure. The jib sheets gave way leaving the jib flapping as she crossed under main.
    Stinchy was a DNF, deciding he had endured enough for the day and headed for home.
    It certainly was an interesting day on the water , plenty of speed and wind. There was some gear failure so hopefully those issues are sorted before next weekend as the season is fast approaching the end. It would be nice to have our biggest fleet so lets make the effort to get on the water.
    Please also note that the presentation evening is April 13th at the Colac East Hotel. Please make sure you confirm your attendance with a committee member.

  17. Sailing 03/02/2018

    This week had our largest fleet for sometime with eight boats entered. The fleet was made up of four RL’s, two Laser’s, Sunmaid and the Thompson, Major Tom from Stawell. Casino Royale unable to put a crew together decided to have a scratch race on the Laser’s with Heath and Adam taking to the water.
    It was also discovered that Marker “B” was missing but had not washed up on to the shore so hoping it has not been removed by unscrupulous individuals.
    After some confusion the start line was set up on the west side of the lake towards the homestead. All the boats got away to a good start except for Major Tom who were a long distance off. This way Up was away with both the Laser’s followed closely with Liquid Limo . Boho was just under Laney at the start with Screaming Blue Murder and Lightning Jack further down the line. This way Up was quick to tack and headed out towards the middle with Heath and Adam close by.
    Liquid Limo had a lead of about fifty meters on Cookie when the first big gust of the day came through. It looked like it was all over for the Harpers when the gust hit but a reassuring look over the side from Brodie meant they were fine, even if dad Matt was still sitting on the floor.
    Next in line was Screaming Blue Murder who were about to follow in the same path as Liquid Limo, but didn’t fair quite as well losing Mary Lou over board. Now for those who may not be aware, ML was a diver and swimmer of some note.And this not being her first time this year to sample the cool waters of Lake Purrumbete. Having said that her entry off Screaming Blue Murder only rated a six as there was quite a splash on hitting the water. Her swimming display was much better, she would have beaten any Olympian over the distance to the back of the boat to climb on board.
    It was even stated that Ian, Paul and Xavier didn’t notice she had gone over as she re-joined the conversation on board.
    Lightning Jack and Boho fared much better having no issues.
    The wind was now dropping out towards the middle as This Way Up tacked back towards the buoy with the Lasers.
    Liquid Limo, Screaming Blue Murder and Lightning Jack picked up breeze closer to shore and were making good ground. The wind was moving all over the place and it wasn’t long and those in the middle got going again. This Way Up rounded the first mark ahead of Liquid limo, Screaming Blue Murder with the lasers just in front of Liquid limo. Major Tom after missing the start caught Boho on the marker and took her wind causing the big boy to scrape and have to do a penalty.
    The run to the next mark ( rescue boat at anchor had This way Up round well clear of the rest of the fleet. Adam and Heath moved through the pack having a great battle between them. Liquid Limo was next followed by Cookie and Alister.
    Major Tom rounded well ahead of Boho and that was the order of how the fleet finished.
    Second race had Screaming Blue Murder withdraw before the start. This start had everyone talking back at the club house. A massive gust hit just before the hooter and looked like there was going to be massive carnage with a couple of boats seemingly out of control. As quick as it came the gust was gone and everyone was away. This Way Up again got away with Heath and Adam close on their stern.
    Lightning Jack further down the line had the better of Liquid Limo whilst Boho and Major Tom headed out to the center on port tack. The first mark had the Lane/ Langdon combination round first followed by the laser boys who were neck and neck. Lightning Jack was sailing brilliantly and turned ahead of the Harper’s who had their work cut out in trying to catch the blue boat. The Thompson was next around followed by the Sunmaid who was having a better race this time around and made sure they had plenty of room to round.
    The run back south along the east shore had everything from a reach to a beat, frustrating all the skippers. This Way Up was first around and had the kite up and set in no time and was putting distance between the others. Heath was starting to get on top of Adam, putting in a small break between them on the lasers. Fitness was playing a big part here, can see a diet and gym regime coming soon for the skipper of Casino Royale.
    Lightning Jack rounded ahead of Liquid Limo and under kite there was hardly anything between these two RL’s. Major Tom and Boho turned for home, both not flying the kite.
    This Way Up gained line honours from Heath on Live Wire followed by Adam. Alister looked like he had one over the Harper’s but a broach under spinnaker allowed Liquid Limo to slip past and beat them to the line. Major Tom was next followed by Boho.
    Although the winds were all over the place it was another day on the water. Hopefully we will see you all again next week.
    Happy sailing and keep smiling.

  18. Sailing 20/01/2018

    There is no doubt about Huey, he loves to give you every element possible when it comes to sailing. From the previous week of being blown around the lake in very heavy conditions today was looking very slow.
    With a Southerly predicted the start line was set up in the shadow of Purrumbete Homestead, with the top mark just outside the channel. Due to work commitments Toucan was going to be a DNS for the first. Screaming Blue Murder was also absent due to the skipper having social commitments at Rod Laver Arena.
    The start line had the Costin 7, Casino Royale with a very light crew up against the three RL 24’s in This Way Up, Lightning Jack and Liquid limo. All starters were back from the line this week when the first hooter sounded, no one was wanting to repeat last weeks start. Timing is essential on hitting the start line at optimum speed, but I think they were all having trouble synchronizing their countdowns to the duty boat.
    This Way Up led Liquid Limo over with Casino Royale struggling to get power. Lightning Jack was struggling but as soon as they had room they through in a tack and headed out to the starboard side of the course. The other three boats remained on port tack with Liquid Limo showing good speed and pointing higher than This Way Up. Casino Royale dropped back, having trouble getting wind.
    Alister on Lightning Jack had good speed on the other side of the lake and looked to have everyone well beaten to the top mark. Liquid Limo crossed over This Way Up a couple of times and with the wind swinging it was close racing.
    Casino Royale headed towards shore and was able to pick up a nice breeze. They were soon making up a lot of ground and had Matt and Laney in their sights. Alister went from chocolates to boiled lollies when the wind dropped and swung, dropping him well back behind the others.
    This Way Up turned at the top mark ahead of Casino Royale, Liquid Limo with a short gap to Lightning Jack.
    The big genoa on the blue boat soon had them on par with Laney and they turned at the wing mark in front. With the run to the bottom mark and then the finish line.
    Casino Royale with Flynn on the helm were flying the big red kite but could not take the same line as This way Up who were heading straight to the mark. The Harper’s were slightly back with Kingy close by.
    The finish was looking close with This Way Up higher on the course than Casino Royale with both closing in on the line . Both boats were not going to make it across with This Way Up tacking on top of Adam just before the ID buoy. In scenes never before witnessed by those on the duty boat This Way Up touched the buoy. Throwing in a quick penalty turn they were able to come around and go through the finish line.
    Casino Royale in trying to get back around the ID buoy also touched but the big bulb underneath soon had hold of the anchor line hiding the finish buoy. Liquid Limo crossed next to get second over all. With some quick thinking by Brad and some expletives from Adam they were soon free to do their penalty and cross the line. Lightning Jack was soon over and the countdown for the second race was under way.
    With an extra leg the finish line was going going to be near the cafe. The breeze had dropped away further but it was Casino Royale who jumped out first, ahead of This Way Up, Toucan, Liquid Limo and Lightning Jack.
    All boats were tightly bunched and doing less than one knot in speed. Casino Royale headed out towards the eastern shore looking to pick up the beach breeze while everyone else was heading down the middle of the lake. Liquid Limo was just trailing Toucan who was some 200 meters behind This Way Up. Alister had found himself in a big hole and was well out the back.
    A wise move by the duty boat had them shorten the course due to the conditions. Setting up on the eastern shore this gave the fleet two markers to round before heading to the finish line.
    This Way Up was the first to get the slight breeze that kicked in allowing them to turn first at the top mark. Casino Royale was next about but some distance and time behind the RL.
    Liquid Limo was able to pick up ground on Toucan and round in front of them. Lightning Jack had made up substantial ground on the others but were last to round.
    Under kite This Way Up grabbed line honours from Casino Royale, Liquid Limo, Toucan and Lightning Jack.
    A frustrating day on the water but two more races completed. Please note there is no sailing on the Australia day weekend but will be back the following.
    Stay safe and see you then.

  19. Sailing 13/01/2018

    Today was first day back from the Christmas break and everyone was keen for a sail, everyone except This Way Up and Liquid Limo who had been away all week in NSW contesting the RL24 national titles. For those who don’t know they came away with 2nd & 3rd respectively in the swing keel division.
    With reasonably strong winds predicted from the West and then shifting to the Southwest later six boats made up the fleet. They consisted of the five RL’s, the two previously mentioned along with Screaming Blue Murder, Lightning Jack and Toucan. Boho Two the Sunmaid was the other entry.
    Andrew and Adam from Casino Royale was duty boat and the start line was set up on the Eastern shore with the first beat heading to the marker just outside the channel.
    The start had everyone keen to get going and sitting close together. For some they were that keen they crossed the mark early, with Toucan, Screaming Blue Murder and Lightning jack being recalled. Liquid Limo went into irons to make sure they didn’t break whilst This Way Up and Boho got away to a good start. It wasn’t long and Laney through in a tack and headed out on a port line towards the center of the lake . Lightning Jack followed suite whilst everyone else kept on the starboard tack. This Way Up opened up a good lead at the top mark, turning and hoisting the kite. They did have some issues but soon sorted and were powering out to the wing mark. Toucan was next around, reveling in the heavy conditions followed by Screaming Blue Murder just in front of Liquid Limo. Lightning Jack was further back, doing a remarkable job being only two handed. Boho was following up at the rear but was enjoying the at time 25 knots or so and torrential rain.
    The wing mark had This way Up well clear of Pammy, (one shoulder) on Toucan with Cookie rounding in front of the Harper’s on Liquid Limo. Alister and Steve didn’t fly kites on this leg and lost a bit of ground.
    Screaming Blue Murder on rounding went to gybe the kite, only to have a man over board situation. To be politically correct it was a lady and Mary Lou was having a swim. With kite still flying , Paul and Ian soon had things under control and headed back to pick up ML. This allowed Liquid Limo and Lightning Jack to scoot past. Boho was next to turn and enjoyed the reach to the bottom mark.
    This Way Up gained line honours ahead of Toucan followed by Liquid Limo,Lightning Jack, Screaming Blue Murder and Boho.
    The second start had the breeze building further and this time all boats got away with a good start. With the finish line now going to be at the top end for this race the whole fleet stayed on starboard for the majority of the first leg. This Way Up again got there first followed by a close tussle between Toucan, Liquid Limo and Screaming Blue Murder whilst Lightning Jack was holding a small lead over Boho.
    With heavier gusts now coming through the positions in the fleet didn’t change from the wing to the bottom mark.
    Rounding the bottom mark This Way Up headed out towards the homestead with every one else following. Pam, Matt and Ian were having some close racing in the conditions. Alister and Steve went further across, hoping to have only one more beat to the finish line. Conditions now were very uncomfortable, with winds being close to 35 knots. Only ones enjoying this were the patrons at the Lake Cafe, rugged up sipping Latte’s watching those crazy, stupid yachties.
    This way Up took out line honours ahead of Toucan who just pipped Liquid Limo. Screaming Blue Murder was having trouble , Ian not having any control pulled out and was a DNF.
    Lightning Jack was next across the line. The duty boat was concerned with Boho and came to check but everything was fine. The Sunmaid was enjoying the conditions and finished although there were a couple of the crew who were keen to step ashore at the end.
    It was one of the heavier days we have sailed in some years but everyone got around the course and with all the smiles it seems everyone had a ball.
    Sailing again next weekend, catch you on the water.

  20. Sailing 16/12/2017

    Wow the season has certainly gone quick with the last program post Christmas now upon us. With light winds from the west predicted mid afternoon and dropping off early evening six starters ventured to the start line. Another good line up of RL 24’s the Costin & and the Sunmaid everyone was hoping to finish on a high before the break. The inseparable twins, Laney and Dash were duty boat.
    The wind was swinging in all directions and eventually the start line was set.
    Casino Royale was not getting involved in mixing it on the start line, heading down the pin end. With only two crew members Adam was making sure Eric was not going to be under the pump first up. It was great to see Eric with son Andrew crewing for Adam.
    Screaming Blue Murder was a close second over the line, starting at the duty boat end. Followed closely was Liquid Limo, Toucan, Boho and Lightning Jack. The Rl’s were starting to gain some speed on the heavier Sunmaid with The Harpers heading out wide following Cookie. Alister was getting the better of Toucan who were surely missing Pam on the tiller. It was strangely quiet with only Bryan and Andrew on board, however that soon changed when Boho sailed past them.
    Casino Royale was showing a clean stern and put a lot of distance between the rest of the fleet. Screaming Blue Murder had tacked back earlier than Liquid Limo and was able to reach the top mark in second place. Lightning Jack was next around closely followed by Liquid Limo. The two then had a good battle running down wind under kite, side by side there was nothing between the two. Toucan led Boho around the mark, although Boho lost a lot of ground nearing the mark with wind shifts.
    The run home had Casino Royale well out in front, that big kite certainly making a difference. Cookie was next followed by Matt and Family, Alister, Bryan and Steve.
    The second race was soon underway with the new finish line meaning another beat to the buoy outside the channel. Boho decided to try something different and started at the pin end and nearly claimed the start honours but a small puff of wind had Casino Royale pip them on the line.
    Lightning Jack was the first of the RL’s away, slightly ahead of Screaming Blue Murder, Liquid Limo and Toucan.
    Again it was the Costin 7 that was able to get good speed in the light conditions. Liquid Limo and Toucan tacked back towards the shore whilst Screaming Blue Murder eventually was able to run down Boho and get some distance. Lightning Jack was also pulling back the Sunmaid although it took half the leg to do so. Cookie, Alister and Steve were hoping to pick up more pressure out wide but Matt and Bryan had picked up good speed in close. Casino Royale turned first followed by Liquid Limo, Screaming Blue Murder, Toucan and Boho.
    Down wind the RL’s maintained the same places whilst Boho were struggling to get their kite under control.
    Adam and the Stinchcombe’s had a commanding lead and lead at all markers and took out line honours. Liquid Limo was able to maintain her lead over Screaming Blue Murder whilst Alister had it over Cuppo leading Toucan to the line. Boho eventually crossed having had to deal with the massive wind shifts heading up the last leg. Although the winds were light it was still good sailing with the RL’s all being very close.
    The pennant season will recommence in January, please make sure you check the program.
    On behalf of Commodore Ian and Committee, CYC would like to wish all those members who are competing in State or National titles all the very best and we are sure you will compete in great spirits.
    We would also like to wish our members and families a Safe and Merry Christmas and look forward to seeing you in January.

  21. Sailing 09/12/2017

    With a Westerley of 11 knots forecast it was looking like going to be a day where Toucan and Boho would be right in the mix. This was short lived as the Cuppo’s came up short of crew with the upcoming birthday girl not feeling very chirpy and bowman Andrew off doing a barn dance.
    The drive up to Purrumbete was interesting,especially going through Pirron Yallock. Here was Casino Royale off the road with no one in sight. Could it be another wheel bearing on the trailer or was the maintenance man giving a customer a quote.
    On arrival at the lake the Harper family were happily taking in the sight of the witches hats being put out and not rigging up Liquid Limo. When questioned what was happening they informed they were duty boat under instructions from the big bloke. No Not Steve, but Commodore Ian. It was soon sorted that Cool Runnings was the duty boat which meant Liquid Limo was now right to compete. Screaming Blue Murder was next to advise they would not be racing, but did not give a reason . Tri-hard was again a starter, getting another race in before heading to the UK for Christmas with family. The winds looked also in their favor to cause some upsets against the RL’s.
    Lightning Jack after showing some good speed in recent weeks, and with further modifications looked another chance to take it up to This Way Up.
    Casino Royale eventually arrived and were quick to state that crew numbers were down, the good bearing is getting hot on the trailer and they left the outboard back at the club.
    With respect to Adam nobody laughed, for less than ten minutes.
    Phil now had a couple of assistants on the rescue boat in Adam and Flynn and it didn’t take long and they were in action. Tri-Hard in its endeavors to go out through the channel started to make the gap wider by pushing down some reeds. A quick tow from behind and they were away, with Boho right behind. The three fishing boats waiting to get in were also relieved.
    The forecast that the winds would be from the west were spot on, just the strength was much higher. The rum sippers on This Way Up were kicking back waiting for all the starters to get to the line and that is as far as things got.
    Liquid Limo decided to pull out, having a light weight crew they couldn’t see the sense of getting possible gear damage. Tri-Hard was having issues with her jib furler, and unable to fix on the water decided to head in and make a quick repair.
    Boho was next to suffer a break, the pin on the turnbuckle came out from the side stay. With all sails up and being on the starboard tack they were unable to get it back in. Dropping the jib and main allowed the pin to be secured and they were soon up and going again. With a couple of crew sprawled along the deck there were many questions asked. Once away Boho could see Alister on Lightning Jack waving his arms frantically to gain the attention of the duty boat. With such severe conditions he had sheared a pin on his prop and had no drive to put the boat into the wind to get the sails up.
    The anchor quickly raised on the “Sir James Wort” had the rescue boat close by before Kingy washed up on the beach. Now with Lightning Jack under tow back to the dock this only left This way Up and Boho as starters however the call was put out that racing was cancelled.
    Ian & Steve were contemplating a race between themselves but a gybe on Boho caused the clip on the vang to snap.
    They still managed a sail before heading in early. As often is the case the winds dropped off and would have made for pleasant sailing. Oh well there is always this coming week.
    Reminder to all that Christmas drinks and nibbles will be at the club rooms and not at the lake. Pam’s birthday celebrations kick off at 6.30pm and members are invited to stay.

  22. Sailing 25/11/2017
    With a slightly better forecast from the past couple of weeks it was good to see wind across the lake when arriving to set up. Fleet numbers were looking sketchy, no one was sure if Casino Royale had overcome their trailer issues and if Tri-Hard had a medical clearance to sail.
    The four RL’s of Liquid Limo, Toucan, Screaming Blue Murder and This Way Up along with the Sunmaid, Boho Two were all out on the start line early. Alister, Lou and Mick had the line set up under the shadows of the cafe, a lovely viewing area to watch the yachts go around the lake. With the breeze starting to drop ,and no other boats coming out to join in King’y soon had the countdown under way.
    The start saw absolute chaos as the big fella threw his weight around and barged down the line. He might have been outnumbered by the RL’s and his crew petrified from the yelling but soon clear air had them all away. With slow progress to start all boats were bunched together until a small front and wind change saw the fleet pick up speed and race to the top mark. With the change it became more of a reach with Toucan getting a small lead from Screaming Blue Murder. This Way Up was to the starboard side of the course followed closely by Liquid Limo and Boho who was holding her own with the big head sail and stronger breeze.
    This Way Up made its way to the port side, quickly gaining on Toucan and forcing Pam higher than where she wanted to be.
    Liquid Limo also picked the right line and was able to peg back Cookie.
    At the first mark Laney turned just in front of Toucan, Liquid Limo and screaming Blue Murder on their tails. Boho was last around but still keeping with the faster boats. Under kites to the next mark it was a shy run with poles nearly on the forestays. This way Up were able to maintain their lead whilst Liquid Limo was able to slip past Toucan who seemed to have trouble with the kite. SBM now moved to windward and came up beside Toucan and was mowing through the water much faster.
    This Way up turned first heading to the last buoy ahead of Liquid Limo, Screaming Blue Murder and Toucan. Boho under the big heady was travelling well and wasn’t a long way behind.
    The last leg saw the breeze drop, with the first three boats getting around the last mark and heading for the finish line. Toucan was struggling, having gone wide up this leg before eventually tacking back to get around the mark. Boho was near the mark when it was noticed that the starboard spreader had gone through leech of the jib so were unable to tack. A gybe was the only way to free it so they could continue. They eventually changed jibs but lost a lot of time.
    This Way Up again took line honours from Liquid Limo, Screaming Blue Murder, Toucan and Boho.
    The second race meant a start on the eastern side due to the wind shifts. This Way Up gained an extra crew, the skipper of Casino Royale was making a guest appearance having watched the first race from the comfort of the cafe. Storm clouds were slowly building from the north, hopefully the predicted thunderstorms would wait until sailing was complete.
    The second start was tame compared to the first, the change in head sail was not giving Boho any drive. Liquid Limo was first out of the blocks, the Harper family are getting faster each week. Cookie was having the better of cousin Bryan, but both boats still trailing Matt & Laney.
    Liquid Limo rounded the top mark ahead of This way Up and soon both the leading RL’s were up and running down wind with kites. Screaming Blue Murder was next around and was giving chase. Toucan was next but there was a huge gap from the leading boats. Boho was struggling and once around the mark was hoping to get some good breeze but that wasn’t to be. The first sign of lightning from the fast approaching storm had the sails down and they were heading for home under the iron sail.
    A wise move from the committee boat had the race shortened with This way Up beating Liquid Limo and Screaming Blue Murder by only seconds. Toucan was next across the line with all boats then making the dash home. When the storm hit it was not a pretty sight but all crews were home safely.
    Again it was another great days sailing, frustration for some but hey that is what sailing is all about. Hopefully next week we see a couple more boats join in.
    Christmas is fast approaching with our last pennant day scheduled for Dec 16th. There will be some nibbles provided after sailing for those who would like to partake. Also that evening there is a private function to celebrate Pam’s birthday.
    For those members who would like to stay you are more than welcome.
    See you on the water!

  23. Sailing 18/11/2017

    The old croaner Rod Stewart once had a hit called ” I am sailing .” Well this week I am sure it was performed by “The Drifters”. What was looking promising whilst setting up, by the time the fleet got to the start line that horrible mirror image was filling the lake surface.
    With a small entry list of four RL’s and the Sunmaid it was going to be a long day in the heat. Casino Royale was a distinct absence having suffered trailer failure on the way to Purrumbete. Possibly a good reminder for those who have not serviced the bearings on the trailer to do so. Tri-Hard was also absent, with Phil walking out with more sutures than what he was expecting to have taken out, hopefully a speedy recovery will see the Hitchen’s on the water next week. Boho didn’t escape without inceident before the start with the jib halyard coming loose and the jib dropping to the deck. A quick connect to the spinnaker halyard had them away again.
    With Vince and Rod keen to get a race under way, the countdown began with hardly a whisper of breeze. Boho was first across the line leading the four RL’s. This way Up was next across the line from Toucan, Lightning Jack and Cool Runnings.
    Laney was able to gain some distance over Boho with one shoulder Pammy finding some rythem and moving up past the big boy. Alister and Phil were getting left behind but there was no one gaining a huge lead. With the committee boat advising of a shortened course it was This Way Up reaching the first mark by half a boat length from Toucan. Lightning Jack was able to bring some wind down and round ahead of Boho while Cool Runnings were not in the running.
    This Way Up headed Toucan on the reach across to the second mark and finish line, while Lightning jack moved away from Boho under kite. A quick change and a drop of the heady had Boho gain some more speed with the Noone’s left to themselves on the mirror surface. With about 10 mtrs to the finish line a drastic change in wind directions had the kite back fill on Boho and they came to a screaming holt short of the line. With no jib up there was no momentum, so a rushed drop of the kite and jib up and they were able to eventually cross. Cool Runnings limped to the line to complete the race.
    The duty officers decided another race was in order, doing a reverse from what had just taken place. Again it was Boho and This Way Up leading across the start line with Lightning Jack and Cool Runnings ahead of Toucan.
    This Way Up tacked towards the center to get some height and were hopeful of more pressure. Lightning Jack was moving quite well ahead of Cool Runnings who were at this stage a boat length ahead of the Sunmaid.
    Then there was a complete change in the placings with Pam picking up some breeze and carrying past everyone and jumping out to a very handy lead. They rounded the homestead buoy well out in front followed by This way Up a small distance in front of Alister.
    Steve was able to get past Phil and beat the RL to the mark.
    Toucan must have thought all their wishes had come true and were going to celebrate a win over Laney with a coffee from the cafe. Whilst they were heading out wide the rest of the fleet went straight up the middle. Lightning jack was keeping with This Way Up and Boho was sailing away from Cool Runnings. With the sea doctor now starting to kick in and some mean looking clouds overhead it was a race to the finish line. This Way Up nudged out Toucan by seventeen seconds to claim line honours again. There is no truth in the story that a domestic argument erupted on Toucan as to which way they should have headed, but a great effort by them to nearly beat the master home. Lightning Jack was next, a top performance again by Kingy. The boat is getting better each week. Boho was next over the line with Cool Runnings pulling out half way up the leg.
    There are no photos to post this week, although the camera was out and photos being taken there was not one photo on the card. This made the Sunmaid unhappy as they wanted the proof of being in front of four RL’s. And for Pammy so close but not quite there.
    Hope to see you all on the water next week.

  24. Sailing 11/11/2017

    Well it had to eventually come, the perfect weather so far for the season was just too good to be true. With a fleet of six trailables Capt. Cook set a port course with the start just outside the channel. It never ceases to amaze that after three years of sailing at Purrumbete, with the markers being fixed that some crews still can’t work out where each buoy is.
    Closer to the start and what winds were there had now disappeared all together, leaving that glassy look over the whole lake. With not more than 1-2 knots we were away. This Way Up again showed a clean stern to the rest of the fleet at the starters horn to lead Toucan across followed by Casino Royale. Boho was next with a small gap back to Liquid Limo and Lightning Jack. All boats were pretty well locked together with the cagey Laney showing how to get some distance in the light airs. Casino Royale looked like they had halyard issues, send fireman Heath up the mast. Not stable at the best of times the port side looked like it was going under, until Stinchy went over the side and onto the bulb. It turned out not to be a halyard but growth they had picked up on the way out. on the bulb. Good observation from the crew noticed the Sunmaid of Boho was going quicker than them, just a pity they discovered it so quick and were soon making some headway. Lightning Jack put a tack in early and soon was left far behind as This Way Up was heading for the top mark. Adam and the boys were making ground whilst the Harpers were able to gain some distance ahead of Toucan and Boho.
    This way Up eventually rounded before the Costin 7. In the mean time Toucan was heading to the cliffs and no wind at all. Liquid Limo was next around but with a fair gap from the two leading yachts.
    Lightning Jack found some wind and was able to cross ahead of Boho with Toucan trailing up the rear.
    Casino Royale under kite was able to pull close and eventually pass This way up heading to the Homestead Bay. Liquid Limo once their kite filled was also putting in some distance from the back three.
    Toucan under spinnaker was able to come up on Steve and Alistair. Boho with a very novice crew didn’t fly a kite but managed to get back up with Lightning Jack while Pam got a nice lead with Toucan and rounded ahead. By this time Casino Royale , This Way Up and Liquid Limo had all crossed the line in that order. Boho was right on the stern of Jack rounding the wing mark but was able to draw up on the inside and get 3-4 boat lengths ahead. With Toucan in her sights, the drift she had petered out leaving no boats going anywhere. LJ decided it was time to put the steel sail up and head for home. Boho was quick to respond leaving Toucan to see if it could finish. Luckily for the duty boat some breeze came in and they were able to finish.
    It was a frustrating day, but sailing can be like that. Hopefully next week we have sails with plenty of wind.
    catch you then.

  25. Sailing 04/11/2017

    Someone up there sure must like the Colac Yacht Club. The fourth straight week in a row that promises wind predictions of around 8-10 knots from the SW. Past season’s gone we would have had a couple of blowouts by now so it is fantastic that we have not lost a day so far.
    With a few crews heading to Stawell for the weekend the number of entries was unknown however we did manage to have 6 yachts head out for the day.
    Live Wire, a Laser with Heath McDougall was a surprise starter and good to see on the water. Heath normally sails on Casino Royal and can be found hanging out on the trapeze with his GoPro catching all the action. if you check out the CYC facebook page you will see some of Heath’s footage, most notable the one where he steps off the boat without the sails up.
    Saturday’s first start was delayed slightly due to some slight mechanical issues with the rescue boat. Your scribe would like to remind all duty officers that they must turn off the isolator switch when putting the boat away after sailing so the battery is not discharged, or you will cop the same embarrassing remarks he has received.
    With start line set by the Cuppo’s, and with the first beat back up the lake to the marker outside the channel all the boats were away without incident except the sports boat Casino Royale. Skipper Adam demanded more tension on the outhaul, and the burly builder Andrew Stinchcombe duly responded but snapped the cable and the boom came down, hitting Stinchy and leaving the main flapping in the wind. Screaming Blue Murder, Live Wire, Lightning Jack, Boho and Try Hard were all away put some distance from the Chamber’s crew.
    Once sorted Casino Royale soon had the rest of the fleet in their sights although they nearly went to the wrong top mark. They rounded ahead of Cookie with Heath and the Laser going very well. Alister King was next around followed by Try Hard. Phil and Leah had the tri absolutely flying in some of this leg and they rounded before Boho.
    The second leg had a reach to the wing mark, one that suited casino Royale and they skipped further out in front. SBM under kite heading down wind was able to keep Live Wire at bay from Lightning Jack and the Cabrie crew. Try Hard kept a handy distance in front of Boho, although under kite was making up some small ground. The finish line saw the sports boat ahead of SBM with Heath having a good gap on Kingy. Try Hard again sailed well to come in before Boho.
    The second race had an extra leg added with the finish line being up at the top end of the lake. Boho had a good start coming across in front of Casino Royale and the Laser. Screaming Blue Murder and Live Wire then tacked back towards the homestead side of the course whilst the rest of the fleet remained on starboard tack. Casino Royale was drawing away from Lightning Jack, Boho and Try Hard whist it was neck and neck with Heath and Cookie.
    Try hard was pushing the Sunmaid of Boho up this leg but a good starboard tack saw them get some distance between them.
    Casino Royale rounded ahead of Live wire, Screaming Blue Murder, Lightning Jack, Boho and Try Hard. The two RL24’s were have a great duel with not much in it, SBM being able to hold a slender lead over Alister.
    With legs that suited the sports boat they pushed further away from the fleet and took line honours convincingly. The Laser of Heath McDougall came in second ahead of Screaming Blue Murder. Lightning Jack was trying everything to get to the other RL but came up short at the line. Boho came in next having put a big margin on Try Hard up the last leg.
    Another great day on the water was had by all. Hoping next week conditions are just as similar and we get a few more entries.
    See you on the water!

  26. Sailing 28/10/2017

    With a predicted forecast of around 8-10 knots from the west it looked like being another great day on the water. The fleet numbers were down from previous weeks as some crews had prior arrangements. The first race had This Way Up, Liquid Limo, Tri-Hard, Lightning Jack and Toucan circling the committee boat to start proceedings. A very coy plan by the inexperienced crew from Boho had the Blue Peter raised before the divisional flag, so it was good that crews were keeping an eye open for the flags. It may have been colour blindness but will be put down to nerves. The hooter had the four RL24’s spread across the line with Tri-hard hanging back.
    This Way Up was away first, having recruited an experienced sailor from Royal Geelong Yacht Club. Toucan was next with Lightning Jack followed by Liquid Limo and Tri-Hard.
    With the fleet half way up the first leg, the 470 with Adam and Stinchy arrived out of the channel and joined in. Laney was first around from Liquid Limo, Lighning Jack, Toucan, No Name and Tri-Hard. There was not much separating the RL’s with Kingy flying the kite for the first time. The photos of them flying the kite was rather impressive as the photographer did a great job not to include the rescue boat.
    The wing mark had the the Yellow and Black kite( lovely words Yellow and Black, reminds me a footy club) well out in front however the crew on Toucan had worked their way back into the race. “Pammy , one arm” was doing a mighty jog on the helm and was able to get past Jack and the Harper’s. No Name had made up quite a bit of distance but as they did not cross the start line nobody really cared. This Way Up grabbed lines honours just ahead of Liquid Limo, Toucan, , Lighning Jack, No Name and Tri-Hard. Some wonderful close racing as the times reflected.
    The second race saw the inclusion of another beat to the top mark and then to the finish, which gave an extra leg. The countdown for the second had No name hovering around the pin end. The start saw Toucan early and letting out some breeze and This way Up came next followed by Liquid Limo, Lightning Jack and Tri-Hard sitting back off the line. The small tinnie anchored up had a birds eye view of the start with a few of the crew asking had they caught anything. Moments after the hooter sounded Jack put in a quick tack, followed immediately by Matt and Laney. The video coverage on the facebook page shows how quick Jack can be, another great concept that the Boho crew were able to offer as duty boat.
    No Name blitzed the fleet from the pin end and was first around the top mark followed closely by Toucan, This Way Up, Liquid Limo, Lightning Jack and Tri-Hard.
    Under kite heading to the wing mark the RL’s of This Way Up and Toucan were able to get past the 470. Matt and Alister were close behind followed by the Hitchen’s.
    The leg to the bottom mark saw No Name produce good speed to overtake Toucan who was holding a slender lead from the rest. This Way Up rounded ahead of No Name, Toucan, Liquid Limo, Lightning Jack and Tri-hard.
    With the beat to the top mark and finish, Laney was having a great tussle with the boys on the 470 and only got slightly ahead in the last part of the race. The duty boat set a wonderful finish line thanks to the house on the hill with the veranda post , tree and buoy.
    This Way Up once again grabbed line honours from No Name. But further back in the course saw some massive positional changes with Liquid Limo and Lightning Jack going past Toucan with ease.It is not sure if the skipper on Toucan had hair in her eyes and could not see but there was rumours she may have been left at the caravan park. This does sound rather harsh but they have been known to do that with blonde female crew members.
    The Harper family again showed they can match it with the best when all goes well whilst Alister King must be super happy with how Lightning Jack has been performing. A few more tweets and they will be right there with the others. Phil and Leah again got two races in and at times were going very quick. A couple of little gear failures may have stopped them from being much closer at the end.
    And the club would like to wish Will Cole a speedy recovery from his recent accident and out thoughts and wishes also go to Sue and Nick.
    Racing again next week, catch you on the water.

  27. Sailing 21/10/2017

    With better winds predicted under bleak cloud coverage seven boats made up the fleet for today’s racing. Lightning Jack the new RL24 belonging to Alister King was about to have her debut sail on Lake Purrumbete.
    Tri Hard was back again this week after engine failure on the opening day stopped them from getting to the start line.
    Casino Royale was duty boat this week with Adam and Brad setting a good start line for the first race. The old stagers on This Way Up were quick out of the blocks leading Toucan and Screaming Blue Murder across the line. Lightning jack was away from Liquid Limo whilst Boho miss judged the wind strength and was 20 seconds short on the hooter. Tri hard was playing mind games sitting way back from the line, but once moving started making up some distance. At the first mark Laney was well clear of Toucan followed by Cookie on Screaming Blue Murder. Alister was winning the duel with the Harper’s rounding just before Liquid Limo. Try hard got past Boho on the last bit of the leg, but then parked it on the buoy. They were able to get some speed up and turn with Boho.
    This Way Up was now well clear under kite with Toucan holding out SBM. The second leg gave Liquid Limo the chance under kite to get ahead of Lightning Jack and Tri Hard was able to gain a little ground on Boho.
    Positions didn’t change for the rest of the race which saw some quick times.
    The start of the second race became a helter skelter with boats jostling for the best position and everyone a little early. Lightning Jack was quick by name as she pulled out of the start at the last minute to avoid taking out the committee boat. This left Boho next in line to take drastic action to prevent cleaning up Liquid Limo. With some masterly tiller work they were able to drop below Matt just seconds before the hooter sounded.
    Toucan and SBM were further up the line and got a good start but were quickly caught by This way Up. Tri Hard again was well below the start line, probably a good tactical move.
    The second race was a mirror image of the first with all positions during the race and over the line the same as the first race.
    Congratulations to Phil and Leah Hitchen for completing both races. Try Hard certainly relished the conditions and showed some wonderful speed. It won’t belong and they will be pushing past a couple more boats in the fleet.
    Lightning Jack for her first race showed she will also soon be right up there. Not flying a kite certainly cost some ground.
    This coming week sees Boho as duty boat. Please be aware that races start at 1.30pm so countdown will commence at 1.25pm.
    Look forward to seeing you on the water.

  28. Season Opener October 14th

    With many boats carrying out some pre-season maintenance in anticipation to the season opener it was now up to the weather gods to play their part. Although the water level on our own lake looked promising leading into spring it was still not quite there for the trailables to be able to take to the water. Lake Purrumbete again will host us this year unless something amazing happens.
    Past season openers have seen strong winds play havoc and there is no sailing so it was nice to have pleasant sunshine but light winds forecast.
    it was envisaged we would possibly see around seven boats take part with This Way Up doing the duty roster.
    Casino Royale, Toucan, Screaming Blue Murder, Liquid limo, Boho and Tri Hard those that we knew would be starters.
    Commodore Ian, was that keen to get everyone out on the water and racing that he motored away from the jetty before making a hasty retreat back to get the start line buoy from his vehicle. With new sailing rules stating starts must have 2 knots of breeze saw the postponement flag flying for around 30 minutes. sailing instructions are on the CYC web page under forms. With the wind shifting it was hard to set a good start line but Laney was determined to get the fleet away at all costs. it wasn’t till half way through the start sequence it was pointed out to him that the course flag was not raised.
    The start saw Casino Royale jump out from Boho followed closely by Liquid Limo, Toucan with Screaming Blue Murder well back in the distance.
    Casino Royale skipped away at the first mark, Toucan edging out Liquid Limo with Boho rounding the mark from Screaming Blu murder.
    One armed Pam was doing a great job skippering Toucan holding out Liquid Limo under kite. Casino Royale looked like she was heading to the wrong mark, that big red kite dwarfing the rest of the boat. They soon found themselves sitting in no air as the rest of the fleet made a big gain in their lead.
    Screaming Blue Murder caught Boho and edged ahead down this leg while the Harper family gained valuable ground and got past Toucan.
    The blue Costin was able to get to the second mark and then spreadeagled the fleet heading to the southern end of the lake and then turning and hitting the finish line. Liquid Limo came in second ahead of Toucan , Screaming Blue Murder and Boho.
    With the increase in speed a second race was soon under way. Adam and the boys got another good start with Cookie making amends for the start in the previous race getting across from the rest of the fleet. With now good steady winds Casino Royale showed a clean hull with the rest of the fleet all under kite making a colourful sight. Liquid Limo was able to grab Cookie and Paul by the second mark with Toucan leading Boho.
    Casino Royale claimed line honours again from Liquid Limo, Screaming Blue Murder, Toucan and Boho.
    In all a fascinating start to the season. Tri Hard had engine issues and were not able to get to the start line so hopefully that is sorted for next week. Lightning Jack is a new RL24 to the club.,hopefully Alister will get some last maintenance issues done during the week.
    CYC welcome any yachties who would like to join in and if you would like to sail there are some spots available on the trailables.
    Please check when it is your turn to carry out the duty roster.
    See you next week.

  29. Sailing 25/03/2017

    A sunny morning and with no breeze in Colac it looked like being a very slow day on the water this week, but it turned put to be one of the better days on the water. A fleet of seven trailables greet the start line. It was good to see the boys on Public Enemy from Geelong back at Purrumbete, however Toucan was a no starter due to Andrew being called away for a milking plant breakdown. One could say that Cuppo was udderly disappointed.
    Vendetta with her new bow sprit was keen to show off her spinnaker for the first time, requesting the duty boat get as many pics as possible.
    First race saw Liquid Limo jump out of the blocks leading This Way Up and Public Enemy over the line. Screaming Blue Murder, Thor and Vendetta were close behind while Casino Royale was still quite a distance from the start line.
    The top mark saw Public Enemy round just ahead of This Way Up, followed closely by Liquid Limo. Screaming Blue Murder rounded ahead Thor and Vendetta. Casino Royale was making up ground but was still a long way behind the rest of the fleet.
    The run down to the bay at the homestead saw Public Enemy holding sway over Laney. This way Up looked anything like it with some of the gusts that came through.
    The downward leg had a casualty as Thor was trying to sort out some issues and ended with a DNF.
    Jarrod and crew on Public Enemy flew home to take line honours by thirty seconds from This Way Up followed by Liquid Limo, Screaming Blue Murder and Casino Royale.
    The second race was quickly started with Public Enemy first away from Casino Royale who made the start line on time for this race. Laney was in hot pursuit followed by Thor who seemed to have sorted out her issues from the first race.
    Cookie led Liquid Limo over the line and all were away. This race had the finish line moved to the top end of the lake giving a second beat.
    Public Enemy maintained her dominance on the first leg drawing away from Casino Royale. The blue boat was doing exceptional well with two talented young juniors crewing and on a couple of legs Flynn was on the tiller.
    This Way Up was running third some distance back. The duty boat had wondered if they had corked the wine on board and gone upmarket from the Bundy.
    Thor rounded next followed by the Cook machine and the Harper’s on Liquid Limo. The back three were having a good tussle and there was not much between them.
    Public Enemy claimed line honours followed by Casino Royale then This way Up. A gap in the field saw Thor get across the line from Screaming Blue Murder followed by Liquid Limo.
    It was a great days sailing with some very fast times. Hopefully Vendetta will be up and running for our last day on April 8th.
    It would also be good to see Cool Runnings, Mikeala (broken mast ), Toucan and Tri Hard at our last sailing day on April 8th.
    It has been difficult trying to find parking to rig but please be mindful that there is only a small area that is public land to do this.
    Presentation night is April 21st, please make sure you RSVP a week before hand if you have not already done so. We need numbers for catering.
    See you on the water on the 8th April.

  30. Sailing 04/03/2017

    “The fish are biting at Purrumbete” must have been the message on every fishing website and blog throughout the country. Arriving at Lake Purrumbete on Saturday morning the car park was overflowing with boat trailers as well as some being out on the roadside. Our Asian friends from two weeks ago were back again to try their luck. How Long, Hung Lo and Fok Me or his twin brother Fok Yu were spotted rigging up their gear although their two man kayak was nowhere to be seen.
    With a lovely breeze blowing it looked like we were in for a treat. Major Tom , the Thompson 7 from Stawell had stayed over from last time and was taking prime spot in the car park.
    Tri Hard returned for another crack at the lake but as she was unable to get a park inside the caravan park they were unable to set up as with the pontoons down would not have gotten through the front gate.
    Seven trailables greeted the starters line in the shadows of the cafe. The lovely breeze that was earlier blowing across the lake had now dropped right off. The decision was made to have one start which meant Boho would muscle it out with the rest of the fleet. With regular crew members Sue and Jenny away, Boho was forced to recruit a novice to help out.
    It was an even start with Major Tom jumping out to a slender lead from This Way Up followed by Screaming Blue Murder, Toucan, Boho Two, Liquid Limo and Casino Royale.
    With the wind dropping out further the Stawell boys were able to get a handy lead on Laney with his RL24 followed by the Costin.
    Screaming Blue Murder was slightly in front of Boho followed by Toucan and Liquid Limo. Half way across the first leg, The Cuppo’s, with a guest appearance from Barney were able to pick up a small whiff of wind and move up through the fleet and sail into fourth spot. This was soon short lived when Cookie was able to come back at them. Boho was keeping Liquid Limo at bay, and from the rants coming across the water the skipper of that boat was not happy. An involuntary tack by Boho due to having no steering was quickly covered by Matt who didn’t want to lose further ground.
    Up front Major Tom was around the first mark and with kite now flowing was putting some further distance between This Way Up. Casino Royale next in pursuit headed back towards the center of the lake with her big kite up. Toucan was able to sneak ahead of Screaming Blue Murder at the mark, but Cookie was first up with the kite and soon went past the Cuppo’s.
    Liquid Limo with kite up was able to draw away from the big fella and put in a gap at the first mark.
    It would have been nice to have had the fishing rods out, something had to have been more enjoyable than what was happening as all boats slowed down to a drift.
    Major Tom eventually made it to the finish line with This Way Up and Casino Royale going side by side, both taking it in turns to have a narrow lead. With 50 meters to go Casino Royale looked to have the better of the yellow and black crew, but as they say you get cagier as you get older. Birthday girl Caz, celebrating a special birthday is believed to have suggested they throw the kite up. With nothing to lose up went the kite and they crossed the line in front of Casino Royale.
    Cookie and Cuppo were sitting at the second mark making slow progress with Liquid Limo and Boho making up a lot of ground. SBM was able to round the mark and head for the finish line but it got the best of Toucan, Liquid Limo and Boho who all ended with a DNF.
    A frustrating day but that can be sailing.
    See you all on the 25th, and remember to tell your friends” The fish ain’t biting”

  31. Sailing 18/02/2017

    Well this week was full of entertainment both on and off the water but will get to that shortly. There were a large number of vehicles with trailers and just vehicles parked when the first lot of club trailables arrived. The min concern for us was cars parked where normally it is for boat trailers only. There will be new signage going up this week as to where you can park so please make sure we abide by these.
    Major Tom, a Thompson 7 from Stawell paid another visit, having sailed with us for a race last year. It was good to see the guys again and they intend to do at least the next race on March 4th. They certainly added to the numbers where nine trailables headed to the start line.
    The Australian / Asian relationship took a step backwards at the ramp when club members were trying to launch. Three Asian gentlemen refused to move their kayak as they had a dilemma in how the three plus a huge esky would all fit into a two man kayak. It was good that cool heads prevailed but I am sure they now know a few more words and hand gestures.
    With a nice WSW it looked to be a lovely breeze as the first lot of boats headed out onto the lake. This soon changed to rain, hail and some big gusts coming through. The girls on Boho and This Way Up were more than comfortable down below, chatting away and keeping dry. An unexpected gybe with a clash of boom and head had Steve seeing stars for a short period but nurse Jenny, determined to stay dry in her fashionable coat asked all the right questions from down below.
    Luckily for Toucan they were duty boat, with the winds and wave motion they may have pulled out had they been sailing. Cuppo is not wanting to make it three years in a row that Toucan takes on more water than what’s in a thermos.
    Once the duty boat was able to get the anchor to hold Boho was first away in the first race. With a lovely beat up to the wind mark the rest of the fleet were in hot pursuit with This Way Up closely followed by Cool Runnings, Liquid Limo, Screaming Blue Murder and Major Tom. Casino Royale, Vendetta and Mikela had tacked out to the centre and seemed a long way back. First around the top mark was This Way Up, carrying extra weight as old crew member Pam was seconded from doing start duties. Which was probably a good idea as Andrew and Bryan had it down to a tee.
    As the rest of the fleet reached the top mark there was some big gusts coming through. This caused the kite on Boho to come out of the bag and they lost a lot of time getting it back in. This Way Up doubled its lead in a short distance as it had rounded before the gusts arrived. Cool Runnings was still holding Liquid Limo at bay with Screaming Blue Murder pushing hard also. Casino Royale was picking up a lot of ground with the boys out on trapeze. Vendetta got around before Major Tom, Mikela and then Boho.
    This way Up claimed line honours from a fast finishing Casino Royale, rumor has it Dash nearly put his neck out as they were coming at them so quick. The Derri boats, Cool Runnings and Liquid Limo were having a ding dong battle with the Noones holding them out. Screaming Blue Murder was next across the line followed by Vendetta, Major Tom, Mikela and Boho,
    The second race saw the withdrawel of Casino Royale due to rudder damage, leaving eight boats to contest the second race.
    Boho got them all away with Major Tom showing everyone a clean pair of heels. They soon had a nice lead with This Way Up trying every trick in the book to get extra ground, even calling Starboard on Boho when they had clear passage. But the crew on Boho responded well, much to the delight of Ian lane. Mikela snapped a mast so her day was gone, hopefully Vince will have a replacement by the next race.
    Major Tom rounded first and had a sizeable lead with This way Up giving chase and throwing up the kite. Cool Runnings was again holding sway with Liquid Limo from Screaming Blue Murder, Vendetta and Boho. With all the RL’s going for kites except for Vendetta they soon put a big gap on the tailenders.
    Major Tom took line honours followed by This Way Up, Cool Runnings by a whisker over Liquid Limo due to the main halyard coming loose and the main dropping. Screaming Blue Murder was next followed by Vendetta and Boho.
    A great days sailing, excitement on and off the water, where else would you rather be.
    Catch you all next time on March 4th. Reminder Vendetta is duty roster.

  32. Sailing 04/.02/2017

    With a forecast breeze of 5-10 knots predicted from the west a fleet of seven trailables turned out. Made up of a Sunmaid, Tri and five RL’s it looked like being a great day on the water. It was good to see Midnight Noone and his RL Cool Runnings finally get on the water against the Colac crew, although he was missing his skipper Fiona who was playing lawn bowls. Tri-Hard was also a welcome inclusion, travelling from Hoppers Crossing the Hitchen’s were keen to get at least one day on the water this year. Very hard to juggle work commitments plus the number of days that have been blown out hasn’t been easy.
    Screaming Blue Murder , duty boat for the day set a port course with the start line being in nice and close to the east side of the lake. Boho got everyone away in the first race but it wasn’t long when the R:’s had caught her. The windward mark had This way Up in front of Liquid Limo followed by Toucan. Cool Runnings having a good battle with Vendetta was next to the mark followed by Alister, Boho and the Tri-hard.
    This way Up was having difficulties setting the kite to the next leg, they were having issues with the drink. no not the rum but the wine glass . They even dropped it a couple of times to sort out the issue, suggest they make sure it is packed properly next time. Once sorted they soon put some distance between the fleet and led all the way to take line honours.
    Liquid Limo was able to keep Toucan at bay on the down wind run although they looked like they dumped the kite into the water on the finish line. Cool Runnings followed Toucan across then Vendetta, Boho and Tri-Hard.
    After crossing the line Tri-hard had some gear failure which saw a delay in the start of the second race and earned them a DNS.
    Wind was now a South Westerly of around 10 knots for the second race. Boho was again first away and with the number one genoa was hoping to get some distance between the fleet before the second start. The RL’s pointing much higher soon caught her up and again it was This Way Up leading the pack to the windward buoy. Toucan in winds more favourable was next to the mark followed by Liquid Limo, Cool Runnings, vendetta and Boho.
    The reach to the wing mark saw This way Up put a huge distance between the rest of the fleet. certainly no issues with the kite in this race. They again took like honours from Toucan from Liquid Limo. Reports coming through that the crew of Toucan all had to see the physio Monday morning for sore necks from looking back to Liquid Limo who was catching them rather quickly. Cool Runnings was next ahead of vendetta and Boho.
    It was a great day again at the lovely Lake Purrumbete. Hopefully next race day we see a couple more boats on the water. With all these RL’s they may have to consider having the nationals here.
    See you all on the 18th!

  33. Sailing 21/01/2017

    The Christmas break was super long this year with the first outing back cancelled due to excessive gale force winds. It was pleasing to find much calmer conditions at Purrumbete that greeted a small fleet of six trailables. Following on from a successful RL24 national campaign at Paynesville there were 5 RL’s and the Sunmaid Boho that ventured out.
    This Way Up, Screaming Blue Murder, Toucan, Liquid Limo and Vendetta all seemed keen for some match racing and bragging rights.
    First race saw Boho on the first start line followed by the RL’s. With the wind starting to drop out all boats were evenly bunched except Liquid Limo who was heading out towards the cafe side. This looked a winning move until the breeze dropped even further which left them slowly edging their way to the weather mark. This way Up, following their success at the nationals rounded the first mark ahead of Screaming Blue Murder. Following close behind Liquid Limo pipped out Toucan. At the back of the field Vendetta and Boho were having close racing, with Vendetta crossing on the nose of Boho and heading towards the middle of the lake. Boho with her bigger genoa picked up some good speed and put some distance between them at the weather mark.
    This Way Up lead the field to the second mark, with Liquid Limo now gaining the upper hand on Screaming Blue Murder and putting some distance between them. Toucan was further back but was not gaining on the leaders.
    Boho, only two up raised the kite and was able to pull further away from Vendetta before reaching the bottom mark.
    This Way Up still dominating crossed the line ahead of Liquid Limo, Screaming Blue Murder, Toucan, Boho Two and Vendetta.
    The second race was soon under way with the wind gods now coming to the party and giving a lovely breeze. The same starboard course with the weather mark just outside the entrance saw Liquid Limo pull away from the rest of the fleet and led everyone to the mark. This way Up, Screaming Blue Murder, Toucan then followed. vendetta with her nose just in front of Boho was next to go around the corner.
    Liquid Limo having troubles trying to fill the kite looked like she had thrown out the anchor as she came to a stop. This allowed the boys with the arrow on the main sail pointing up to slip past with Cookie chasing hard as well on Screaming Blue Murder.
    Toucan was within striking distance but not able to pull the others back whilst vendetta had a small lead over Boho. The downward leg gave Boho to again fly the kite and catch and pass Vendetta by the bottom mark.
    This Way Up again crossed in line honours with Liquid Limo again nudging out Screaming Blue Murder but only by seconds. Toucan was next across the line while Boho and vendetta were in a close battle. Boho was able to keep Vendetta at bay from the bottom mark to the wing mark with the help of the bigger genoa matching Vendetta for speed. At the turn to head to the finish line, the quicker RL soon had Boho in sight and was able to point higher and gain some distance on her. Vendetta crossed in front by around 30 seconds.
    It was great to be back on the water after a long spell. No racing this weekend but looking forward to our next pennant outing with hopefully more boats on the water.

  34. Sailing 10/12/2016

    With expectations of a nice breeze there were seven trailables that greeted the start line for the first race. With four RL24’s, a Thompson, Sonata and Sunmaid, Boho Two got racing under way with the first start. Duty officer Martin was doing a fantastic job on his own, a good starboard course set with the first mark a beat to the buoy just outside the channel. The second start line saw This way Up and Screaming Blue Murder going neck and neck, a tight battle until Commodore Lane realized the motor was down causing them to lose half a knot in speed. Casino Royale was also quick off the line with Vendetta, Boho and Mikela all in close proximity.
    Toucan headed in the opposite direction, with out Pam on board the two seemed lost. When questioned later at the bar it was announced they had weed problem . Not from smoking but around the tiller blade. Funny how it never affected any other boats.
    With all boats sitting in the middle , someone decided to cancel all wind for the whole lake. This Way Up had gone to the port side of the course and looked likely to stay there whilst Adam and Cookie inched their way forward. Vendetta had a little gap on Mikela and Boho who were swapping stories as they also drifted.
    A small breeze started to fill in from the top of the lake which had This Way Up and running followed by Casino Royale, Screaming Blue Murder, Vendetta, Mikela , Boho and a very slow Toucan at the other end of the lake.
    Caz, Dash and Laney held a nice distance on the sports boat to the bottom mark with Cookie not far behind. Boho with the big kite up slowly made up ground and sailed past Mikela and Vendetta before the second mark. Cuppo now had Toucan moving in the right direction and was in hot pursuit.
    In a close finish Casino Royale beat This Way Up by ten seconds to cross the line in front. Screaming Blur Murder was next with Boho keeping Mikela and Vendetta at bay to come in fourth. Vendetta grabbed Mikela with about 100 meters from the line and then followed Toucan.
    With the second race under way Chambers had the blue sports boat flying with two on trapeze, This way Up, Screaming Blue Murder and Vendetta were close together. Vendetta with that little extra breeze was showing good speed through the water. Toucan was close behind with Thor who made it to the start line for the second race. Mikela and Boho were again in a tight struggle. Mikela turning just in front at the first mark.
    Casino Royale cleared out from the fleet, putting huge distance between them and the rest of the boats. This way Up was holding out Screaming Blue Murder with Vendetta getting the best of Toucan followed by Thor.
    Boho again flew the kite on the downward leg and was able to get a small lead before the second mark.
    casino Royale claimed line honours again followed by This way Up, Screaming Blue Murder, Vendetta, Toucan and Thor.
    At the rear of the fleet there was an arm wrestle between Mikela and Boho, with Vince trying many times to get past underneath but the big heady on Boho blocked him every time.
    The sprint home had Boho just holding out Mikela.
    A great day of sailing, pleasing to get two races in.
    There were some happy skippers at the end of the day. Alistair very pleased how Vendetta went in the second race with some wind and Steve able to boast that he beat home three RL’s in the first race.
    Toucan was so disappointed in their efforts that they packed up early and headed back to Colac. Not sure who got the biggest surprise, Carol from being left at Purrumbete after travelling with them or Bryan and Andrew when they got back to Colac and realized they had left their passenger behind. Wouldn’t have happened if Pam was there.
    Reports in that two RL24’s had their hulls christened at Deep Lake on Sunday. Looking forward to them joining us in the coming weeks.
    Last sail for this year on the 17th. Looking to have some nibbles and drinks at the lake after sailing. Please check the club facebook page for updates.
    See you on the water next week.

  35. Sailing 03/12/2016

    With anticipation of a nice breeze forecast we welcomed back the Elliott from Geelong in Public Enemy. So keen were they to come back they decided to arrive on the Friday and have a twilight sail. All reports were it was a good wind until time to come in and the motor would not start. After being rescued by a local fisherman Jarrad has declared a new motor will be on board before their next visit.
    Rigging up for the early boats had smiles on the skippers faces as the lake was covered in wind, it sure was going to be a good day. Someone up there was answering our prayers!
    Come start time Cuppo and his offsider Andrew were struggling to set a course due to no wind. After a small delay the OD boys spotted a ripple and soon the fleet was in countdown mode to the start. Boho was away first, or that could be drifted over the start line to lead the other trailables.
    Casino Royale led the rest of the fleet away closely followed by This way Up, Public Enemy, Thor and vendetta who had come across the line on the port end.
    All boats headed up the middle of the lake heading to the top mark in the bay which is in the shadows of Purrumbete Homestead. Public Enemy soon joined Casino Royale at the head of the fleet and it looked like those two were in for a real battle. Thor soon moved up to This Way Up while Vendetta and Boho went nearly side by side at the rear.
    The top mark saw the local boys just pip the Elliott with Laney and Rod having a close battle heading to the buoy. Following the boats up front the big fella threw the kite up on Boho and they soon sailed past Vendetta and had a small lead at the first turn.
    Public Enemy pulled away from Casino Royale on the second leg while This Way Up, still under kite was keeping Thor at bay. Boho, with a jibe at the top mark under kite soon opened up a very handy lead on Vendetta.
    The run to the bottom mark saw the Elliott kick clear of the locals whilst This way Up was still having a close battle with Thor. Boho with a sizable lead soon had Kingy on the RL giving chase in a little more breeze.
    Public Enemy crossed the line ahead of Casino Royale, This way Up held out Thor while the battle between Boho and Vendetta came down to the wire. In the last 100 meters Vendetta was able to gain a little break that saw them across the line in front of the Sunmaid.
    A very slow day on the water but that is sailing.
    Reports are coming in that the RL’s in Derrinallum are very close to wetting their hulls for the first time. With only two more sailing days for the year before the Christmas break it is hoped they can join us.
    Look forward to seeing you on the water this Saturday with tight jib sheets and a smile on your face.

  36. Sailing 26/11/2016

    With forecast of a good breeze the fleet was not disappointed when arriving at Lake Purrumbete to the sight of white caps. This immediately put a shiver into the skipper of Toucan who has struggled on a couple of occasions in the past two years in similar conditions.
    Fleet numbers were down on the previous week with only six trailables heading out to the start line. Tri Hard was soon an early casualty , heading back to the ramp. Boho had gear failure, a broken vang on a gybe just a minute before the starters gun . Hastily repairs saw her cross the start line two minutes late but they were away. The four RL’s were away next with This way Up and her light weight crew keeping Screaming Blue Murder at bay. Toucan and vendetta were hot on their heels with Vendetta looking good after her shake down sail the week before.
    Cookie seemed to have the measure of This way Up but Laney with some clever moves was able to draw away when it mattered and held a slight lead at each mark to come away with line honours. Screaming Blue Murder, with their mystery crew member who looked a lot like Phil Harris, came in second from Toucan, Vendetta and Boho.
    The second race had Boho on the line as the starters gun went, a perfect start. The RL’s again with This Way Up leading the pack were next away with Cuppo showing good speed. With the cockpit boards in place Toucan was showing plenty of confidence with the blonde bombshell hanging out to gain that extra height. Screaming Blue Murder was running in third spot closely followed by Vendetta and Boho.
    This Way Up again showed the fleet how it is done coming home in front of Toucan with the rest staying in the same order.
    It was a cool day on the water so special thanks to the crew from Casino Royale who were duty boat. They did a great job to get the start line in place in time as they were not sighted when all yachts headed out. They were all rugged up for the cold, however no one more so than Janelle. On closer inspection it was discovered she wasn’t wearing a big thick great coat but was cuddling the family pooch.
    Forecast at this stage for Saturday is for light winds, hopefully not a drifter.
    See you on the water!

  37. Sailing 19/11/2016

    After a few weeks of getting blown out there were smiles all around with the prospect of getting on the water at last.
    A fleet of eight trailables headed to the start line which included the Elliot 780 “Public Enemy” from Geelong.. With the prospect of eight knots forecast it looked like being a great day, but the weather gods had other ideas and soon any sign of wind disappeared.
    The Elliot got away to a good start followed closely by Casino Royale, Thor, Boho and Screaming Blue Murder with Mikela.
    Vendetta and Tri Hard were well off the start line when the flag dropped giving the rest of the fleet a huge start.
    A slow first leg saw Public Enemy pip out Casino Royale with Thor close behind at the top mark. Back in the field Boho was able to sail past Screaming Blue Murder and leave it in her wake, much to the disgust of Cookie, but that is sailing.
    Mikela, Tri Hard and Vendetta were closely bunched, drifting to the mark.
    Second leg found Public Enemy, Casino Royale and Thor staying close to shore which gave them some forward momentum. casino through out the challenge on this leg and pegged back the Elliott on a number of occasions, but every time they drew level the Elliott gave another kick and moved away. Thor was trying to hang onto the back of them, Rod and Mandy doing a great job on only thyeir second outing on the Sonata 5.9.
    Boho rounded in fourth at the top mark, very pleased to have three RL’s and the tri behind them. With a sniff of breeze the last four boats headed to the centre but this soon dropped out and left them further from the second mark.
    Public Enemy and Casino Royale headed for home and the dual continued all the way down the leg with the Elliott getting on top at the finish line. Casino was not far behind and Thor was able to get some breeze and come in third. Boho led the others around the second mark, but the noise of motors drifted across the lake as Screaming blue Murder, Mikela and Tri hard headed for home under the iron sail. it has not been confirmed yet the ML on Screaming Blue Murder had opera tickets and had to get back to Melbourne.
    At last the wind came in which sent Boho over the line in fourth with Vendetta flying home in fifth.
    Not the best day on the water, but after missing so many weeks it was great to be out there.
    Catch you on the water this week.

  38. Sailing 29th Oct 2016

    With what was going to be a very small fleet it was nice to welcome a new boat into the club. Rod and Mandy Edwards arrived with their Sonata 5.9 ” Thor “skiff ready to wet the hull for the first time. Rod and Mandy had previously sailed on Mikela with Vince Thorne.
    Early conditions looked breezy with small white caps being whipped up from a nice North Easterly.
    There were only two other boats for the day, Screaming Blue Murder and Toucan. The crew on Toucan were a little nervous as in the past two seasons they have managed to capsize on the first race of the year.
    The start line was set up in the shadows of the Cafe, but the OD had to make a quick dash back to shore as all the start procedures and stop watches were still in his car.
    Thor, with their small electric motor getting them to the start line looked lovely on the water. By now the wind had dropped off and that smooth glaze had drifted into the middle of the lake. With an even start Thor soon led SBM and Toucan, but it wasn’t long and skippers went searching for that elusive wind.
    SBM and Thor soon worked through the glaze and slowly made it to the top mark whilst Toucan was left well in arrears.
    The first mark saw Thor round in front of SBM, a great effort for their first outing. With kites up SBM soon overtook Thor and looked to be opening up a reasonable distance but Thor managed to hold in and keep in touch. Toucan eventually made it to the top mark and was clearly a half leg behind, but the wind came in and soon they were making up ground very fast. SBM turned for home just in front of Thor and with a reach under kite looked to notch up a win. With a small increase in breeze Thor was soon up and past SBM in no time and showed a clear hull all the way to the finish line. SBM was home next followed by a quick finishing Toucan.
    It was a great result for Rod and Mandy and I am sure after a few more races they will push most of the fleet in coming weeks.
    A great days sailing, a small fleet but what fun!
    See you all next week.

  39. Sailing on Nov 7th saw a fleet of five trailables and three cats and a monohull off the beach. With good southerlies predicted, the start line was below Purrumbete homestead, always a lovely view from the water. With a beat to the top end of the lake the first of the trailables in Boho Two was away followed by the cats. The other trailables were soon off the mark and made up ground very quickly, all except Toucan which seemed to be having trouble. We found out later that due to an important crew member not being available to sail the skipper was having difficulties working out where everything goes. It might be a good idea if skipper Bryan becomes more familiar with his boat.
    The cats were having a great time and the first race went to Alan Noone with line honours. The trailables were much closer with Casino Royale, This way Up and Screaming Blue Murder all battling for lines honours along with Mick and Lou. Screaming Blue Murder, with MLC on board. No that is not Methodist Ladies College but the very talented Mary-Lou Ciampa who was on board for her first sail for the year.
    The finish line saw all boats waiting for Toucan to finish which was very pleasing to the Sunmaid crew.
    The second race got under way with the winds starting to freshen even more. Boho was enjoying this much better and was quick out of the blocks. The cats were soon chasing and the fleet soon went their separate ways, with Alister King going out on his own up the middle of the lake. This proved a great move as he soon opened up a big gap on his rivals and led by this going around the first buoy. Alister was able to hold this to the finish line and take out line honours.
    The trailables were having a ding dong battle with Casino Royale out in front with the three RL 24’s close behind, but not in the order people would have thought. Screaming Blue Murder was showing Laney a clean pair of heels and had jumped out to a nice lead followed by Toucan and Boho two.
    The line honours went to Adam Chambers on Casino Royale with Capt Cook a very close second with Screaming Blue Murder.
    In all it was a great day on the water.
    Special thanks to Adam, David and Geoff for getting the junior learn to sail program started, it was great to see these keen young sailors take part. A special thanks also to the owner of a Corsair who donated the boat for junior training.
    The juniors also got the opportunity to crew on the trailables in the afternoon, thanks to those skippers for taking them on board.
    See you all on the water next Saturday.

  40. Season 2015-16 kicked off on Saturday with much enthusiasm from both the Colac and Derrinallum members. Both clubs have worked together over the off season to incorporate a plan that would see both clubs sailing together. Each club will still run their own pennant series, however the combination will see bigger fleets on the water.
    This year we have been allowed to permanently place buoys on the water. There is a map available if you would like to see where they have been placed.
    With sunshine and light winds predicted, everyone was eagerly getting setup. Boho was too eager and after standing the mast found a shackle not quite right. lowering the mast partly, the big fella thought by undoing the shackle he could fix it…..nah the mast went sideways and snapped the mast base plate….end of race and not even launched.
    A new face, Kevin O’Neil arrived with his Status580 , and being on his own he soon had a ready made crew from Boho.
    All up there were 13 boats on the water that made their way very slowly to the other side of the lake to the committee boat.
    With the postponement flag flying it look like a no starter but a few small puffs of breeze sent the committee boat into a frenzy and they soon had a new start line and the start sequence commenced.
    “Oo La La” was first away followed by the cats. With some breeze around the edge of the lake there was a small gap to the rest of the trailables. Casino Royale was showing Screaming Blue Murder a clear stern with Toucan way back.
    Close racing as usual between Dengue Fever and Twice Shy with only seconds in who crossed the line first, as usual Allan on Scorpion left them behind. Mick & Lou rolled out Smeg for the day and they soon took an early lead. With hardly and wind Mick was rather quiet, his voice could hardly be heard.
    The last leg was the down fall for “Oo La La” who decided to go up the middle while the rest of the fleet headed towards shore, yep and you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to guess where the wind came in.
    Casino Royale took out the honours in the trailables, Graeme Parker the A Class, and my info was that Alan cleaned up from Derrinallum.
    It was a slow day, but everyone was pleased to blow out the cobwebs. Martin needs to understand the finishing rules, even after the coaching from the committee boat the finish line wasn’t crossed before heading for home.
    Off the water the season was officially opened by Geoff Hunter. Geoff spoke about the association of both clubs going back some 60 years when the two clubs sailed together on a regular basis.
    Thanks those people who supplied nibbles for everyone to enjoy, it was nice to be able to sit down and catch up with a refreshing drink.
    This week will be busy for Dave to get his trailer back on the road and for Boho to fix a mast. Rest assured they will be on the water next week.
    See you next Saturday!

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